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The Big Three (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba) at Shoptalk 2017

It is unfortunately rare (unseen even?) to have all relevant players on a big stage and thus be able to directly compare them to each other. At the Shoptalk conference last week, Amazon, Alibaba and eBay made very different impressions. And Wish and Walmart will be online players to count on, going forward. Amazon got […]

It’s Official: Amazon Acquires

From the press release: “Amazon and share the same DNA – we’re both driven by customers, invention, and long-term thinking,” said Russ Grandinetti, Amazon Senior Vice President, International Consumer. “ pioneered e-commerce in the Middle East, creating a great shopping experience for their customers. We’re looking forward to both learning from and supporting them […]

Amazon to Acquire Middle Eastern Online Retailer Souq After All

Amazon is about to buy Not much to say about this other than that it is classic international expansion. Reuters: Inc has agreed in principle to buy Dubai-based internet retailer, one of the best-known names in the Middle East’s online shopping market, sources familiar with the deal said on Wednesday., which […]

The Amazon Marketplace Juggernaut in Context

Some interesting numbers from Amazon at Shoptalk17 (see also ” Amazon Presents Itself as Brands’ Best Friend at #Shoptalk17“): Amazon connects with 300 million customers worldwide. (via) On Amazon Marketplace, there are 100,000 sellers with more than $100,000 in annual revenue creating in aggregate more than 600,000 jobs. (via) 55%(!) of customers start product search […]

Amazon Presents Itself as Brands’ Best Friend at #Shoptalk17

Despite talk about the opposite, Amazon wants to be seen as a friend and supporter of brands and manufacturers. As could be witnessed again at this week’s Shoptalk conference. On one hand, Peter Faricy, VP Amazon Marketplace, wants to excite big, established brands for Amazon. On the other hand, in his talk he also pointed […]

Amazon Flex and More Highlights from #Shoptalk17

Lionel Richie and Amazon’s Prime Now boss Stephenie Landry opened on Sunday evening the second Shoptalk conference which we will be covering this week. Prime Now is now, almost two years after launch, available in 45 cities in seven countries. Even in Tokio. Amazon Uber-like delivery service Amazon Flex has to be understood as spin-off, […]

Who -Besides Alibaba- Can Challenge Amazon’s Tech Driven Online Retail Position?

In and of itself not that significant but for the larger picture, and to get another look at Amazon’s modus operandi and overall strong starting position, look at this: Amazon makes it cheaper to host Alexa skills on AWS | ZDNet:​ These new promotional credits are designed to cover any additional cloud storage and computing […]