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Amazon Is Not Giving Up on China, Goes on a Hiring Spree. Thx Cross-Border Commerce!

Amazon at Alibaba‘s Tmall Amazon seems to see yet another opening at the Chinese market. The company is at least hiring at every level. South China Morning Post (which is owned by Alibaba): The online retail giant lists almost 400 Chinese-based openings on its careers website and more than 900 on LinkedIn. They include senior […]

How Big Amazon Really Is

Okay, Amazon is big. We all know that. But it sometimes help to put into perspective how big Amazon really is. So, I’m sorry, but here is the most businessinsider-ish Business Insider article on Amazon I have seen in quite a while: „7 insane facts that reveal how big Amazon has become“. Don‘t worry though, […]

Here’s a Concrete Hint at What Kind of Companies Amazon Will Keep Acquiring

Amazon‘s Souq, itself a recent acquisition, is buying, a delivery startup the marketplace already had been working with actively. Techcrunch: Souq has acquired, a startup that is building out a network for Prime-style same-day and next-day deliveries for various e-commerce marketplaces (including […] Souq previously made an undisclosed, strategic investment in […]

Amazon Keeps (rightly) Pushing Loyalty Programs, Now It’s Shopbop’s Turn

Amazon keeps working hard at the fashion front to find out what works and what doesn‘t. After the new Echo Look and the end of the Style shows, now Shopbop, which Amazon took over in 2006, gets a makeover with one major new addition: a new loyalty program. The Observer: The program will offer exclusive […]

An Inside Look at How Amazon Is Selling Its Ad Program to Buyers

Amazon has the best shot of all contenders to become a stable no.3 in the online advertising world after Google and Facebook. (Outside China, only Snapchat has a real shot at this position as well.) In the long run, Amazon may even displace Google by taking away the most profitable ad businesses from the search […]

US Retailers Begging Amazon to Buy Them Next

How about that. US retailers are seeing Amazon‘s new-found financial firepower as well and hope the Seattle giant will become their savior now. The Financial Times (paywall): The announcement that Amazon was to take over Whole Foods Market sent a shudder of fear through many other retailers, but news of how the deal came about […]

The Implications of Amazon’s New-Found Financial Firepower

Amazon is financing the Whole Foods acquisition with bonds. Bloomberg: Jeff Bezos has an army full of bond investors ready to back Inc.’s conquest of the supermarket industry. The world’s largest online retailer sold $16 billion of unsecured bonds in seven parts to fund its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc. Reuters […]

The ‘Amazon Effect’ That Hits Almost Every Industry

Amazon is going into more industries than any other company. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the scope the company is gunning for. It’s hard to not underestimate the Seattle giant. Seeking Alpha looked for mentionings of Amazon in recent earnings calls: A full one-fifth of the S&P 500 constituents referenced Amazon on a […]

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Is Working on Refrigeration-Free Prepared Meals for Amazon Fresh

TechCrunch: Amazon is looking at using tech originally designed for the military to create meals that are ready for consumption that don’t require any refrigeration. This would help make them much easier to manage from an inventory and logistics standpoint, since warehousing and transportation needs would be far less complex, Reuters reports. Amazon’s difficulties in cracking […]

Amazon’s Secret Brands and the Marketplace Conundrum

One problematic aspect with the Amazon Marketplace is Amazon‘s vertical integration as a retailer and seller of private labels. The Amazon Marketplace is as big as it is today because Amazon, the retailer, already was popular. In fact, marketplaces have a far better chance of succeeding if they are attached to an already successful e-commerce […]