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Amazon, the Ultimate Platform Company, Is Eating the World

Amazon is now worth two Walmarts, via Recode: On the 20th anniversary of Amazon’s IPO, Amazon’s market cap stands at $459 billion before the market opens for trading. Walmart’s? $228 billion. A good time as any to read this excellent TechCrunch piece on how Amazon operates by Zack Kanter, co-founder of Stedi: Amazon is the […]

Echo Show: Amazon Is Building an OS for the Home & A Social Network to Hold It Together

Today, Amazon unveiled the new Echo flagship device. The Echo Show is the first Echo device to sport a multitouch screen To put this in context, before we go any further, here are some numbers from a recent eMarketer study: This year, 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a […]

“No Comment”, but Amazon Is a Master of Public Relations

Wired calls Amazon “Teflon Amazon” with regards to the online retail giants ability to seemingly avoid getting into hot waters: Amazon’s ability to evade blemishes owes itself in part to a less fraught business model. Amazon sells products and services to make money, not ads slapped on user-generated content. Not that controversy doesn’t touch Amazon. […]

Walmart Wants to Build Its Own Dash Replenishment Service. Can It Succeed?

CBInsights has found an interesting patent application by Walmart. “Walmart’s IoT Patent Application Takes Aim At Amazon Dash”: Using our patents search engine, we have unearthed a newly published Walmart patent application (originally filed in October 2016) for an IoT platform to track the way products are used in shoppers’ homes. The system places automatic […]

“To Make Shopping Disappear”: More Brands Get 50+% of Amazon Orders Through Dash Buttons

A little over two years ago, the Amazon Dash Buttons launched. It is still telling that the first successful screen-less e-commerce device got derided as surely being an april fools’ joke. (The mindset behind this behavior, utterly lacking of basic imagination, is also one reason for the Dash Button still being largely without any direct […]

Amazon Prime Doubles in Size in Two Years, Over 25% of Subscribers Paying Monthly Already

Amazon’s e-commerce business is increasingly tied to Amazon Prime. Amazon’s success in new markets like India depend in no small parts on the popularity of Prime in those markets and, last not least, Prime is –already– the moat around Amazon’s business in its home market, the US. Unfortunately, Amazon never once said how many Prime […]

Does Boxed Stand a Chance Against Amazon?

Boxed, “a mobile commerce company focused on delivering the big box club experience to mobile devices” according to Crunchbase, has recently been making headlines. Boxed is, next to Wish, one of the more promising e-commerce startups in the US. With a total of $132 million raised in 4 rounds since 2013, Boxed is still rather […]