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How to Compete With Amazon as a Small, Niche Marketplace Provider

Can you compete on your own against a conglomerate like Alibaba or Amazon? Maybe when you cater to a niche that is as isolated as possible from the rest of retail? Business Insider: Amazon’s Handmade could steal both Etsy’s customers and its merchants. Handmade, Amazon’s craft goods marketplace, is a direct competitor to Etsy and bolstered […]

Amazon’s Meal-Kits Are Better Than Blue Apron’s in This One Important Dimension

When we looked in detail at Amazon’s meal-kits compared to Blue Apron and HelloFresh we briefly pointed to Amazon’s own meal-kits being prepared in a more advanced manner. This is a big deal and worth pointing out separately. Business Insider on this very topic: HelloFresh and Blue Apron have their advantages. The HelloFresh meal of […]

Amazon Ads Effective, Say 60% of SMBs

NetElixir has released a study on how SMBs view Amazon ads. The firm questioned 500 companies. (See also this blog post by the firm on this topic.) Mediapost has the summary: Findings from a study conducted by NetElixir suggests 40% of the small-and-medium businesses (SMBs) advertising on Amazon say the ads are ineffective, according to […]

Why Amazon’s Newest Partner May Be „one of the Most Important Companies on the Internet”

We talked about Stripe, a payments provider with ambitions far beyond payments, a year ago. Back then, Stripe launched Relay and Atlas, the latter for companies looking for an easy way to incorporate in the US. Stripe started out focussing on developers, making it as easy as possible to integrate payments handled by Stripe to […]

This Startup Shows Us the Future of Amazon’s Plug&Play Delivery & Fulfillment Services

Tuft & Needle -yes, another mattress startup, but bear with me- is the avantgarde in another big future growth sector for Amazon: Besides Logistics, AWS and Prime Amazon is increasingly expanding its marketplace into a multi-facetted platform. For Amazon, marketplace increasingly means ‘technology and infrastructure as a service’ Tuft & Needle are going further today […]

The Role of Mobile Apps in Events Like Amazon Prime Day

Computerworld on research by Sense360, a digital resarch firm: The results showed a 7% drop in foot traffic during the Prime Day promotion among those who didn’t have the Amazon app and a 32% drop among those who did have the app. Sense360 tracked the behavior of 1.1 million shoppers who use a variety of […]

Amazon Has for the First Time Reached 12-Month Net Sales of $150 Billions

According to Amazon‘s Q2 earnings report (PDF), the company reached net sales of $150 billion over the course of the twelve months between Q2 2016 and Q2 2017. One can only be baffled by how Wall Street reacts to Amazon sometimes. Business Insider: Amazon’s second quarter earnings fell well short of Wall Street’s expecations. Earnings […]

What the Amazon Hub Locker Means for the Industry in the Medium-Term and Long-Term

Amazon has revealed a new locker system for private spaces like apartment blocks, called The Hub. This is a more ambitious project additionally to the already existing Amazon Locker, a locker system for public spaces. Amazon Locker boosts „2,000 locations across 50+ cities”. The Verge: When someone is ready to retrieve their parcel, they enter […]

How Amazon Prime Is Becoming a Platform for Selling Services and Building Businesses

The power of Amazon Prime can hardly be overestimated. Prime not only changes the shopping behavior of subscribers and allows Amazon to cross-subsidize businesses it also allows Amazon to compete asymmetrically in many different markets. Operating a unique cross-category bundle that popular gives Amazon an immense advantage in so many markets. Industry analyst Jan Dawson […]

Amazon Launches Prime Now in Singapore, Taking on Alibaba’s Lazada & LiveUp

It‘s the starting signal for Amazon‘s push into Southeast Asia. Amazon launches Prime Now in Singapore. Reuters: While Amazon already delivered to Singapore, higher-end services had not been available, including Prime subscriptions which provide access to the company’s video-streaming service. The Prime Now Singapore app promises to deliver everything from Tiger Balm ointment to eggs, […]