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How Walmart Can Win Against Amazon

Distribution is everything. Walmart is determined to give Amazon a run for its money. Thus Walmart, since last summer, has begun spending a lot of money itself. (See list of acquisitions at the end of the article) Going against Amazon with its unique Prime bundle and successful Marketplace begs the question though how exactly to […]

Truly Mobile Retail: The Treasure Trucks are Coming

We have been writing extensively (compared to the tiny scope of the project) about Amazon’s Treasure Truck and similar approaches. The reason for this is straight-forward: The Treasure Truck programm shows pretty clearly how different one can think retail in the face of an omnipresent, always on, always connected smartphone. Now, Amazon is rolling out […]

Analysis: Amazon Fresh Meal-Kits From Amazon, in Addition to “Featured Brands”

And just like that, the first meal-kits are available at Amazon. At first, meal-kits are a part of Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is cooperating with Marley Spoon and Tyson Tastemakers to offer meal-kits in addition to offering meal-kits of its own. The latter being the news here. Business Insider: Amazon’s new meal kits are already […]

Attention, Blue Apron & HelloFresh: Amazon is Getting Into Meal-Kits

It was only a matter of time. The Sunday Times has found a trademark registration from Amazon that tells it all: The internet retailer has registered a trademark in the US for a new service called “We do the prep. You be the chef”. It will cover “prepared food kits . . . ready for […]

Anytime: When Amazon Is Building a WeChat-Like Messaging App

So, Amazon‘s mobile app armada is soon maybe going to get some strong-ish reinforcements. AFTV News is reporting that Amazon is working on a new stand-alone messaging app, maybe called Anytime: Amazon has begun surveying customers about a new messaging service to gauge which features are most important to users. It’s unclear how far along […]

Mobile App Strategies of Online Retailers, Pt. 1: Amazon’s Breathtaking App Armada

With the ongoing switch from desktop Internet with webpages and Google as distribution channel to a mobile Internet with native apps and Facebook install ads and app stores as distribution channels (with the latter hardly amounting to much regarding discovery), the approach to how to build out your online retail presence necessarily changes dramatically. While […]

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CIRP Study: U.S. Amazon Prime Membership at 85 Million, +35% YoY

There are new CIRP numbers for Prime. Geekwire: The latest analysis from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) pegs total U.S. Prime membership at 85 million, which is up 35 percent from the year-ago quarter and double from two years ago. While quarterly growth is slowing, Amazon is still adding a substantial amount of new Prime […]

Now Belonging to Amazon, Souq Starts Integrating With the Giant

Amazon has completed its acquisition of the Middle Eastern marketplace Souq. TechCrunch: The two companies said today that they have completed an initial integration that allows customers to log into using their Amazon account credentials. Next up, they plan to integrate products and services between the two sites to leverage their respective scale. In […]

Amazon’s Buy Box Is Creating the Most Brutal Conditions for Merchants

Time and again, Amazon has demonstrated that they are really good at creating dynamics that help them increase the quality of their marketplace offering for end consumers. Excuse me the pun, but prime example: „Prime Dynamics: Merchant Increased Sales by 20 Percent with Seller Fulfilled Prime“ The buy box is another ingenious way of creating […]

The One Thing That Could Stop Amazon-Whole Foods

One word: Trump. The Hill on the regulatory background: Some industry analysts say the deal should face a relatively smooth path to federal approval because Whole Foods only represents a 1.2 percent share of the $800 billion grocery market, while Amazon only has a 0.2 percent share. […] “There’s real pent-up demand to go after […]