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Why’s Biggest Threat is WeChat

Marketplaces, like platforms in general, create winner-takes-all dynamics by virtue of the network effects that create an ever growing gravitation towards the biggest entities. As online retail goes more and more towards marketplaces everywhere, this dynamic gets more prevalent as well. This holds equally opportunities and strategic pitfalls for online retailers as well. Case in […] Sees GMV and Annual Active Customers Grew by Over 40% in Q1 2017

Quite the time for e-commerce right now. After fantastic numbers from Wayfair, The Hut Group and others, it is now‘s turn. China Internet Watch: Jingdong GMV for the first quarter of 2017 increased by 42% to 184.1 billion yuan (US$26.7 billion) from 129.3 billion yuan in Q1 2016. Annual active customer accounts increased by […]