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From Hotels to Gadgets, Omnipresent Amazon Alexa Will Be the Dominant Voice Platform

Not just a great PR stunt, but also a sign of things to come: The Wynn Las Vegas resort & casino hotel is going to equip all hotel rooms with Amazon Echo devices. From the PR release: Wynn Las Vegas and Amazon announce plans to equip all 4,748 hotel rooms at Wynn Las Vegas with […]

Amazon Echo

Alexa’s German Version Still in Kindergarten

On the 26th of October, Amazon Echo was supposed to launch in Germany with an invitation based system. It took Amazon until the 7th of November to send out emails to customers who where requesting invites to buy an Echo or Echo Dot to tell them that everyon will get one but that it may […]

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Flash Briefing: How Publishers Are Producing Dedicated News Formats for Alexa

For Alexa to be a strong platform for new kinds of ecommerce it needs to be a strong general-interest platform first, as I laid out in detail here. In essence, the platform needs to be, well, useful to users. Being the first platform of a kind (voice controlled, that is) to get signifcant enough traction […]

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What Would Alexa Do?

High praise from Tim O’Reilly, amongst other things inventor of the term “Web 2.0”: Every once in a while, a product comes along that changes everyone’s expectations of what’s possible in user interfaces. The Mac. The World Wide Web. The iPhone. Alexa belongs in that elite group of game changers. He goes on to talk about […]

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Amazon’s SVP for Devices and Services Candidly Talks About Amazon’s Devices Strategy

David Limp, senior vice president at Amazon for devices and services, has been rather candid in recent interviews about Amazon’s devices strategy. First up, a summary at The New York Times on Amazon’s long term goals with Alexa: It wants the Alexa Voice Service, which powers Echo, to be an ingredient in devices around the […]

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Amazon Expects to Sell 10 Mio. Echo Devices Next Year, Probably Due to Internationalization

‘The Information’ is reporting on Amazon’s expectations for the company’s Echo device family (paywall): Amazon is hoping to sell as many as 10 million of its voice-activated Echo devices next year, which would make it a roughly $1 billion hardware business, according to a person with direct knowledge of the projections. (..) That would be […]

Amazon Echo Has a Head Start on Siri and Google Now

MG Siedler, a former tech blogger who is now a General Partner at Google Ventures, writes about Amazon Echo and Alexa: In fact, I think Echo makes it very clear that Apple (and to a lesser extent, Google) dropped a ball here. This is exactly how Siri should exist in your home. And this is […]