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Amazon Is Building Its Own Social Network

Twitch, the gaming video focussed video streaming and network site Amazon bought in 2014, is introducing Pulse, a timeline/newsfeed akin to Twitter and Facebook. (More Twitter than Facebook right now: asymmetric following, chronological timeline) The Twitch blog: Introducing Pulse. A place where streamers can post and engage with all of their followers and the greater […]

From Drones to Subterranean Delivery: What Amazon’s Fantastical Patents Really Mean

An unusually high amount of patents by Amazon have made headlines over the last few weeks. What’s behind them? First, here’s a summary of some of the recent patents. ‘Flying Warehouses’ & Drones The flying warehouses, zeppelins from which drones are meant to be dispatched, brought in the most headlines. ​Readwrite: An Amazon patent, found […]

Amazon Is Becoming the Greatest Threat Google Ever Encountered

Slowly but surely, Amazon turns into the greatest threat Google has ever encountered because Amazon is eating Google’s advertising lunch. It has begun with more and more people using Amazon as the default search engine, the default starting point, for online shopping that entails looking up and comparing products. You know, things one needs a […]

Redefining Fast: Amazon’s Trademarks for “No-Line”-Shopping & The Model For Amazon Go

Thankfully, we know now that Amazon is, indeed, not planning to open up 2,000 stores around the US. There are still two main questions when it comes to Amazon’s future plans: First, what exactly is the company planning with Amazon Go? Second, why did that number of 2,000 Amazon stores come up several times this […]

How Zalando Uses Mobile Notifications

Over the course of 2016 I followed Zalando’s mobile apps closely and took screenshots of the mobile notifications I got from Zalando’s mobile apps – from Zalando’s main app to Zipkart, MOVMNT and, most interesting of all, Fleek-. Why this is important: With a mobile traffic share of 67% and mobile order share of >50%, […]

Who Will Be the First Online Fashion Retailer With a Mobile-Fueled Events Strategy?

After attending Zalando’s first yearly event, I wrote in “First Impressions From Zalando’s First Bread and Butter“: As far as I can see, there is no experimentation going on to bring online and offline together or to, for example, get a sense of how location-based services on smartphones could help a large event. In fact, […]

How a Less Expensive Echo-Only Music Streaming Service Might Make Sense

Here’s an odd rumour. A few days ago, Recode was reporting that “Amazon wants to sell a cheaper music subscription service that will only work on its Echo player“. Here are the details: But Amazon is also working on a second service that would differ in two significant ways from industry rivals: It would cost […]