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The Role of Mobile Apps in Events Like Amazon Prime Day

Computerworld on research by Sense360, a digital resarch firm: The results showed a 7% drop in foot traffic during the Prime Day promotion among those who didn’t have the Amazon app and a 32% drop among those who did have the app. Sense360 tracked the behavior of 1.1 million shoppers who use a variety of […]

„Black Friday“ & „Cyberweek“: Imagine a More Events Oriented E-Commerce Industry

According to Adobe, Thanksgiving and Black Friday exceeded $5 billion in online sales, with mobile accounting for $1.2 billion. „Cyber Monday” set a new US e-commerce record as well: Online shoppers spent about $3.45 billion online on Cyber Monday, setting a record for the largest day in U.S. e-commerce history, according to Adobe. The record […]

Zalando’s First Bread & Butter Had 20k Visitors, But Half of Them Were From Berlin

Zalando’s first Bread & Butter event was a mixed bag. This is represented in the numbers Zalando published this week (PDF): 20.000 visitors for a ‘sold-out’ event is pretty good. Especially for a company doing an event at that scale for the first time. On the other hand, half of those visitors came from the […]

Who Will Be the First Online Fashion Retailer With a Mobile-Fueled Events Strategy?

After attending Zalando’s first yearly event, I wrote in “First Impressions From Zalando’s First Bread and Butter“: As far as I can see, there is no experimentation going on to bring online and offline together or to, for example, get a sense of how location-based services on smartphones could help a large event. In fact, […]

First Impressions From Zalando’s First Bread and Butter

This weekend Zalando holds the first iteration of its new yearly fashion event Bread and Butter. From a, admittedly, first gut feeling, this now mainly end-consumer facing fashion event seems to be almost as much about music as it is about fashion. Bread & Butter was more of a trade show before Zalando bought the […]

The Main Reason Amazon is Doing Prime Day

Quartz on last year’s and this year’s Amazon Prime Day: US customers purchased 47,000 TVs, 41,000 pairs of Bose headphones, and 12,000 copies of Fifty Shades of Grey Unrated on Blu-ray. (Good job, America.) “We’ll definitely be doing this again,” Greg Greeley, Amazon’s vice president for Prime said at the time. But another number was much […]

A Possible Future For (Some) Dying Shopping Malls

The Wall Street Journal on U.S. shopping malls getting less attractive: An era of relentless expansion for American shopping centers is coming to an end as a toxic brew of overbuilding, the rise of e-commerce and a wave of retailer bankruptcies force landlords to reimagine once-lucrative properties. Some owners are converting struggling malls into apartments, […]