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The Most Popular Topics for the Future Retail Industry

2016 has been the first full year for Early Moves after launching in October 2015. We strive to cover the forward-looking topics that are relevant for everyone working in companies that will be part of the future retail industry. Here are the most relevant and best read analyses: Redefining Fast: Amazon’s Trademarks for “No-Line”-Shopping & […]

mCommerce Meetup in Berlin: Let’s Talk About Mobile Commerce

This Thursday, on the first of September, the first ‘mCommerce’ meetup will be held at Zalando’s Innnovation Lab in Berlin. Organized in partnership between Zalando and chatShopper, a Germany based shopping bot startup, the meetup will focus on the changing ecommerce landscape as we move from a desktop internet to a mobile (and ‘Post-PC’) internet. […]

Subscribe to Early Moves by Email, Twitter, Facebook and RSS

Additionally to RSS and Twitter you now can subscribe to Early Moves also via email and Facebook. Over the last four months we published numerous articles analyzing the strategies of global online retailers such as Amazon and Zalando. Here are a few posts to get every non-regular reader started: ‘QVC 2.0’ and beyond: Why Fire […]