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Building a Real-Time Layer to Tie All of Logistics Together: Turvo Gets $25 Million

Now, there’s an interesting logistics startup. Turvo is building a platform for collaboration across every level of logistics: Turvo is the only real-time collaborative logistics platform that connects anyone, anywhere to move things. Turvo creates a smarter way for shippers, brokers, and carriers to seamlessly work together to get things done faster. Turvo just raised […]

Kroger, Uber and The Tripartite Nature of Online Groceries

The supermarket giant Kroger is deploying Uber to deliver groceries. Right now, it looks like the whole industry (all of online retail, not just groceries) will become tripartite: Large online retailers / platform players like Amazon will build the whole infrastructure for themselves, including logistics (Traditional parcel services plus Amazon Flex etc.) Smaller merchants will […]

The Billion Dollar Race of Instacart and Postmates (vs. Uber and Amazon)

Both Instacart and Postmates recently raised new capital. Postmates had a hard(er) time with its latest round. Bloomberg: The co-founder and chief executive officer of Postmates Inc. was trying to pitch a food delivery business to investors, just as venture capitalists were tightening their belts and cash-burning delivery startups were falling out of favor globally. “It was a super, […]

BuildDirect’s Gateway Shows AO How to Leverage Logistics

Today’s logistics is still mainly the same system that was built around a pre e-commerce world. So, lots of companies try today to build the next generation logistics infrastructure. One that serves the most demanding and also biggest customer (in volume and revenues): online retailers. An online retailer building out their own logistics infrastructure builds, […]

The Last Mile Is Ripe for Disruption

Recently, we wrote about how everyone from Alibaba to Amazon to startups wants to get into the logistics industry. The reason for this is simple: The increasing demand for genuine logistics for online retailers is creating an ever growing market gap that wants to be filled. But while we wrote about global logistics the more […] Is Already Using 30 Self Designed and Engineered Drones for Delivery

Drone delivery is slowly but surely leaving the realm of science-fiction and becoming a reality. Recode on the latest example:, one of the largest online retailers in China second only to Alibaba, started its drone delivery program last year, flying parcels via unmanned aircraft to four provinces: Jiangsu, rural Beijing, Sichuan and Guangxi. In […]

From Drones to Subterranean Delivery: What Amazon’s Fantastical Patents Really Mean

An unusually high amount of patents by Amazon have made headlines over the last few weeks. What’s behind them? First, here’s a summary of some of the recent patents. ‘Flying Warehouses’ & Drones The flying warehouses, zeppelins from which drones are meant to be dispatched, brought in the most headlines. ​Readwrite: An Amazon patent, found […]