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The New Logistics: Uber and Others Streamlining Trucking, Bulk Shipping & Freight Forwarding

In our series ‘The New Logistics’ we cover interesting developments and innovative startups that rethink logistics and delivery at every step of the way. Uber is now matching trucking companies and loads via a new mobile app. Axios: Trucking has long been a target of technology efforts to make it more efficient, ranging from providing […]

Flexe, the AirBnB for Warehouses, Is Shaking Up Online Retail in the US

Flexe is one of those very rare startups that could (still) shake up the whole online retail market in the US. Flexe has slowly been bringing more and more warehouse space and fulfillment services to its platform and is now slowly reaching scale at which it truly becomes interesting. Bloomberg: In less than five years, […]


The New Logistics: Amazon, Geek+, Others are Working on 24/7 Systems

In our new series ‘The New Logistics’ we’re going to cover interesting developments and innovative startups rethinking logistics and delivery at every step of the way. Here is a video by China’s People’s Daily about a robotic sorting system at ‘a Chinese company’ that is finishing 200,000+ packages a day. The robots are self-charging. (they […]

The Verge Discovered the “Secret” to Worry-Free Online Clothes Shopping 🙄

I thought this was a no-brainer, but here we go: I have a friend who shops in a way I never even thought was possible. She buys clothing for herself and her two kids online like an increasing number of humans, only when she does it she orders three sizes of everything. She buys the […]

Alibaba Wants to Dominate in Russia Too: AliExpress Expands in Russia With One-Day Delivery

East-West Digital News: AliExpress, the Alibaba subsidiary which has overwhelmed the Russian e-commerce scene with cheap Chinese products, is still expanding aggressively in the country. The Chinese company, which opened its platform to Russian merchants in late 2015, has announced that domestic deliveries will be performed in just one day. At start, the one-day delivery […]

Now, Creates a Logistics Unit as Well

TechCrunch:, China’s second-largest e-commerce company after Alibaba, will create a new business group called JD Logistics. Not to be confused with a Wisconsin-based company that has a similar name, JD Logistics will take advantage of’s existing delivery and warehouse infrastructure. is in good company: Amazon and a lot of other companies, big […]


Dutch Grocery Delivery Startup Picnic Uses Custom Built Electric Vehicles, Raises €100M

The Next Web is reporting on a large Series B round for Picnic: After just 1.5 years in existence, Dutch grocery delivery startup Picnic has nabbed a historically large Series B funding round to roll out their service to the whole of the Netherlands. The 100 million euro round came from four Dutch family funds, […]