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How Wish Grew to 2 Million Orders Per Day

Even though having a fantastic run that is going strong for years now -and being the undisputed online market leader in the US and other Western markets no less!-, Amazon is not the end state of all of e-commerce. Look at, for example, other online retailers like Alibaba or Zalando, not just for how to […]

So, Amazon Will Finally Get Its Own Popular Mobile Operating System

And it is called Alexa. The Verge: A slew of new Moto Mods are headed our way, which include a power pack, a wireless charging adaptor, and a turbo charging adaptor. But the most interesting of the bunch is the Amazon Alexa Moto Mod, which will add the virtual assistant into any Moto Z device. […]

Zalando, Mobile Company

Zalando is a mobile company, if anyone was still wondering. From the earnings call presentation (PDF): Zalando’s mobile share has now reached 68.1%, making its mobile apps far more important than the desktop website(s). All of Zalando’s apps have now cumulatively reached 28 million downloads. Don’t forget: Mobile order share is already at >50%. Numbers […]

Amazon’s Most Promising ‘Stealth’ Project, the Treasure Truck, Celebrates 1st Birthday

This friday, the Amazon Treasure Truck celebrated its first year anniversary, see the offical social media updates on Facebook and on Twitter. The Amazon Treasure Truck, a location based, short-term deals model that only works with the premise of everyone owning a smartphone, is promising because it allows Amazon to do local deals with comparatively […]

Debate: How Sustainable is Wish?

We asked recently wether Wish can become the next eBay. It is a very open question at this point. Wish is fascinating on multiple levels. It is a mobile-only e-commerce player (that alone is still rare enough) and the company is positioning itself rather globally, bringing Chinese sellers to different markets worldwide. The latter adds […]

Amazon Builds the Best System for Re-Ordering Consumables With Virtual Dash Buttons

Recode on the new virtual version of Amazon’s Dash Buttons: The e-commerce leader just unveiled digital versions of its Dash buttons — those tiny, physical gadgets that allow for one-click reordering of your favorite products with one tap of a finger. The new virtual Dash buttons started appearing on the homepage and the Amazon […]

At Least 27 Shopping Bots in the Wild, Germany based chatShopper a User Favorite

Conversational commerce, in text as in voice, remains a (growing but small) niche for now. There is a lot of potential, but also a lot of road to cover still. The Information (paywall) is looking back on a year of bot frenzy and disillusionment. Facebook, Amazon and Google are all lacking on the distribution side […]