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What Does It Mean When Shopping Apps Are Amongst the Most Frequently Deleted Apps?

Alligatortek about a survey they did on mobile app usage: Some people—specifically, millennials—are taking action. Millennials delete apps at over three times the rate of baby boomers. Fitness apps, productivity apps, artificial-intelligence apps, and shopping apps are some of the most deleted. It is notable that shopping apps rate highly on both lists: the most […]

Cargo Is Selling Products In Uber Cars

One way ride-sharing is changing retail, probably very few did see coming. Cargo is selling products in Uber vehicles. After snacks, now beauty products as well, as Elle reports: Cargo is a service within a service that allows drivers working for Uber, Lyft, Juno, and Via to offer products for sale. Riders can now snag […]

How Asos Is Using Data Science and AI to Create a Better Mobile App

Asos is seeing 70 percent of its traffic on mobile and 50 percent of its purchases are happening on mobile. In the UK, Asos‘ home market, the numbers go up to 80% (traffic) and 70% (purchases). Digiday on Asos in mobile: Built in-house, the app has 10 million downloads according to the company, and it’s […]

Why Needs Those Cooperations With Baidu, WeChat & Toutiao

Baidu is the latest company is cooperating with on mobile. Bloomberg: Under the arrangement, users browsing for product information on Baidu’s mobile search app can now access a dedicated section to buy items directly from JD, China’s second-largest e-commerce provider. By encouraging users to stay within its app and make purchases, the search giant […]

‘Autonomous Shopping’: How Boxed Is Using Machine Learning for a Better User Experience

Mobile wholesale retailer Boxed is implementing two new smart features to make re-ordering of frequently repurchased items as easy as possible. The first feature is StockUp. This is available to all customers. Essentially, it is recommendations saying “Need These Now” and “Need These Soon” for ordered products the system has decided may be depleted soon. […]

How This Fast-growing Vietnamese Marketplace Wants to Reach GMV of $1B by 2020

The Vietnamese marketplace Sendo seems to be on a roll. Sendo advertising itself in a paid post at Tech in Asia: “In 2016, we tripled our gross merchandise value (GMV) from 2015, crossing US$50 million quite early in Q4. With the current rate we are going, there’s no reason we would slow down,” says Tran […]

How Spring Puts All Its Hope in Personalization

Digiday on the new version of mobile shopping app Spring: The new app uses consumer data to identify recommended products by analyzing browsing history and personal preferences, such as size, style and price point. It also includes editorial content tailored to each individual user to help with product discovery, with recent features focused on topics […]

The Role of Mobile Apps in Events Like Amazon Prime Day

Computerworld on research by Sense360, a digital resarch firm: The results showed a 7% drop in foot traffic during the Prime Day promotion among those who didn’t have the Amazon app and a 32% drop among those who did have the app. Sense360 tracked the behavior of 1.1 million shoppers who use a variety of […]

How Poshmark Built a Profitable Wholesale Portal on Top of Its Mobile Social Shopping App

Poshmark the mobile social shopping network is in many regards an outlier in the online retail space. Techcrunch reported back in April of this year that Poshmark is cash flow positive: Poshmark, the fashion resale social network, is on track for $100 million in revenue this year, TechCrunch has learned. We hear the company reached […]

Mobile App Strategies of Online Retailers, Pt. 2: Why Wish Launched Multiple Apps

After looking at Amazon’s breathtaking app armada in pt. 1 of our series, we are now going to have a closer look at Wish. Wish, the controversial mobile cross-border ecommerce app, nowadays sees more than two million orders per day. ContextLogic Inc. is the company behind Wish. Wish is a truly mobile-first online retailer, but […]