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Mobile App Strategies of Online Retailers, Pt. 2: Why Wish Launched Multiple Apps

After looking at Amazon’s breathtaking app armada in pt. 1 of our series, we are now going to have a closer look at Wish. Wish, the controversial mobile cross-border ecommerce app, nowadays sees more than two million orders per day. ContextLogic Inc. is the company behind Wish. Wish is a truly mobile-first online retailer, but […]

Semi-Social Mobile Marketplace Dote Raises $7.2 Mio. Through “Planet of the Apps”

At first glance, Dote doesn’t look like more than just yet another mobile marketplace for fashion brands. So it makes one wonder what exactly investors are seeing in Dote. Techcrunch: There are “brands that don’t want to put their stuff on Amazon because it degrades their brand,” claims founder and CEO Lauren Farleigh. Further, she […]

Rakuten’s Viber Buys Chatter Commerce, Maker of Shopping Keyboard Shopchat

Viber acquires Chatter Commerce which offers a keyboard app for iOS called Shopchat. Shopchat integrates shopping features via its keyboard into, for example, messaging apps. (This works in every iOS app.) Rakuten, which bought the messaging app Viber for $900 million in 2014, was also the lead investor in the company’s $1 million seed funding […]

Anytime: When Amazon Is Building a WeChat-Like Messaging App

So, Amazon‘s mobile app armada is soon maybe going to get some strong-ish reinforcements. AFTV News is reporting that Amazon is working on a new stand-alone messaging app, maybe called Anytime: Amazon has begun surveying customers about a new messaging service to gauge which features are most important to users. It’s unclear how far along […]

Mobile App Strategies of Online Retailers, Pt. 1: Amazon’s Breathtaking App Armada

With the ongoing switch from desktop Internet with webpages and Google as distribution channel to a mobile Internet with native apps and Facebook install ads and app stores as distribution channels (with the latter hardly amounting to much regarding discovery), the approach to how to build out your online retail presence necessarily changes dramatically. While […]

Why Zalando Changed Course and Is Going From Multi-app to Single-app on Mobile

With Zalando Build, Zalando is working on building services right into the main app in a platform fashion. When we broke the news about Zalando Build, we asked ourselves what this new strategy means for Zalando’s mobile app strategy: All this, of course, raises serious questions about the future of Zalando’s other stand-alone apps, most importantly […]

More Future-Proof Than Multichannel: This Fashion Brand’s Mobile Stores

Speaking of ‚mobile‘ store concepts. Here is Fashionista reporting on Miami-based jewelry brand Miansai, which is using vehicles for stores: It’s known for simple-yet-statement-making, subtly nautical cuffs and rope bracelets, which founder Michael Saiger began making for and selling to men and, later, to women. With distinctive, wearable designs and an accessible price point, the […]

Apple’s ARKit Will Usher in an Online Retail Revolution

Apple’s ARKit Will Usher in an Online Retail Revolution Apple released ARKit at the company‘s developer conference WWDC a few weeks ago. (Watch the introduction here.) ARKit will come to iOS this fall with iOS 11 and it is the single biggest addition to iOS in years. With ARKit, developers will be able to implement […]

This Chinese Startup‘s Stores Are Like a Mashup of Amazon Go and the Treasure Truck

Tech in Asia is reporting on Bingobox, a Chinese startup building Amazon Go like technology. Bingobox is already operating a handful of stores in Zhongshan, where Bingobox is also based, and recently launched the first one in Shanghai. Bingobox stores look a little less ‚glamourful‘ than Amazon Go and run, expectedly, on WeChat. Customers have […]

Packagd’s Unboxed and the Uncertain but Exciting Future of Mobile Video Shopping

A few days ago, Packagd unveiled their first video shopping app: the Unboxed app. From the announcement: Today we’re thrilled to take the wrapping off our startup, Packagd, a mobile platform creating a new shopping experience that combines the best unboxing videos with social viewing and the ability to buy seamlessly. […] Our first mobile […]