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Rakuten Is Preparing a New Brand-Driven, International Strategy

Rakuten, the Japanese marketplace juggernaut, has had a hard time getting to any success abroad. The newest strategy is a focus on Rakuten, the brand. Rakuten‘s diverse portfolio is brought together under the company‘s brand. This makes a lot of sense. Venturebeat: The latest effort involves, the Spanish video-on-demand (VoD) company Rakuten acquired back […]

“Why Rakuten Should Stop Selling Things and be a Bank”

Rakuten, at home in Japan synonymous with online retail, has had a hard time with going international. Recently, Rakuten announced to withdraw from the UK, Spain and Austria (press release). France and Germany, the markets Rakuten wants to focus investment on in Europe, aren’t that strong either for Rakuten. In Asia, business looks better for […]

Money, Money, Money: How Rakuten And Alibaba Are Going International

Rakuten bought the messaging and VoIP service Viber in February of 2014 for $900m. In Germany Rakuten took over local marketplace Tradoria in 2011 (German) to expand its business to the country. In France Rakuten similarly took over PriceMinister. But these aquisitions are not (yet) the modus operandi on how Rakuten, the biggest online retail […]