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Amazon May Close Down BuyVIP Next

“Just Amazon, nothing else besides”: Diapers/Quidsi isn’t alone, it seems. According to our (as of yet unconfirmed) information, Amazon will close down BuyVIP as well, the employees at BuyVIP have been told. This wouldn’t be that surprising. Myhabit in the US, for example, already closed down almost exactly a year ago and now redirects to […]

Amazon Is Building Its Own Social Network

Twitch, the gaming video focussed video streaming and network site Amazon bought in 2014, is introducing Pulse, a timeline/newsfeed akin to Twitter and Facebook. (More Twitter than Facebook right now: asymmetric following, chronological timeline) The Twitch blog: Introducing Pulse. A place where streamers can post and engage with all of their followers and the greater […]

Here’s How Facebook Wants to Improve Discoverability for E-Commerce on Messenger

Almost one year in, Facebook’s Messenger bot platform is still looking to find its groove. The Information (paywall) has exclusive information on what Facebook is working on for the next iteration, which will most likely ship or at least be announced around April’s f8 developer conference: After two years of trying to figure out ways […]

At Least 27 Shopping Bots in the Wild, Germany based chatShopper a User Favorite

Conversational commerce, in text as in voice, remains a (growing but small) niche for now. There is a lot of potential, but also a lot of road to cover still. The Information (paywall) is looking back on a year of bot frenzy and disillusionment. Facebook, Amazon and Google are all lacking on the distribution side […]

How Amazon’s New Human Curation In “Interesting Finds” Compares to Zalando’s Fleek

With the recent redesign of “Interesting Finds”, Amazon is taking a cue from Pinterest and, maybe, from Zalando’s Fleek. “Interesting Finds” started as “Amazon Stream”, a visual feed. It was renamed to “Intersting Finds” early this year and gained a heart as the save function. Now “Interesting Finds” got curated categories. TechCrunch: Tucked away inside […]

How Alibaba’s Taobao Goes Social Shopping

Facebook and Twitter both have tried more than once to bring ecommerce capabilities to their networks. Neither has succeeded yet. Bloomberg is reporting now on how Alibaba is going the opposite direction. The Chinese online retail giant is bringing social and media features to its mobile marketplace Taobao, and, it seems, successfully so: Alibaba’s Taobao […]

Fleek 2.0 start page updates

Fleek 2.0 and The Potential and Challenges of Social Shopping

Fleek 2.0 (app store) brings with it a significant update to the user interface. Taking yet again a clue from Spotify and the successs of its “Discover Weekly” playlists, the feed (the start page of Fleek, sort of) has been replaced with “Updates”: 20 entries consisting of social media updates from brands the user follows, […]