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Shopify’s 500.000 Merchants Can Soon Run Their Business Via Alexa and Bots

Shopify is growing fast: Revenue grew 75 percent year over year, and the company’s gross profit also grew 83 percent compared to the same quarter in 2016. Total revenue beat expectations from Wall Street at $151.7 million, and its subscription-based business grew to $71.6 million, driven by a record number of new merchants signing up […]

Alibaba, Chinese VCs & Chinese Startups Are Working on Amazon Go-Like Stores

We recently talked about Bingobox, the Chinese startup working on more low-tech version of an Amazon Go-like store for China. Bingobox is not the only startup in China working on this. China Money Network: Just two months after Amazon Go’s debut in December, there were four or five Chinese copycat companies in operation. Two have […]

More Future-Proof Than Multichannel: This Fashion Brand’s Mobile Stores

Speaking of ‚mobile‘ store concepts. Here is Fashionista reporting on Miami-based jewelry brand Miansai, which is using vehicles for stores: It’s known for simple-yet-statement-making, subtly nautical cuffs and rope bracelets, which founder Michael Saiger began making for and selling to men and, later, to women. With distinctive, wearable designs and an accessible price point, the […]

Apple’s ARKit Will Usher in an Online Retail Revolution

Apple’s ARKit Will Usher in an Online Retail Revolution Apple released ARKit at the company‘s developer conference WWDC a few weeks ago. (Watch the introduction here.) ARKit will come to iOS this fall with iOS 11 and it is the single biggest addition to iOS in years. With ARKit, developers will be able to implement […]

Shopify’s Buzzfeed Channel and the Massive Potential for Innovation in Shoptech

Shopify’s Buzzfeed channel, of which we talked about here, has now offically been introduced. The main points from Shopify’s introduction of the new channel: The new BuzzFeed channel allows you to easily tag your products for BuzzFeed editors to search, find, and consider featuring in its campaigns, product lists and onsite content. With its unique […]

MorningSave: How the Former Woot Founders Are Building a New Kind of Shoptech Platform

“We believe in a future where there is no need for middleman retailer geography on the internet”, the former people behind Woot wrote. And while Woot under Amazon is having a hard time, its former founders, while running deals site Meh, have started another project: MorningSave, which they plan to build out into a new […]

Here’s How Facebook Wants to Improve Discoverability for E-Commerce on Messenger

Almost one year in, Facebook’s Messenger bot platform is still looking to find its groove. The Information (paywall) has exclusive information on what Facebook is working on for the next iteration, which will most likely ship or at least be announced around April’s f8 developer conference: After two years of trying to figure out ways […]

What Is Shopify’s Next Phase, Now That It Has 377,500 Merchants Using Its Shop System?

The Canada based shoptech provider Shopify is growing nicely. Reuters Merchants use Shopify’s software platform to design, set up and manage their stores across sales channels including the web, mobile devices, social media and brick-and-mortar outlets. The company’s clients include Procter & Gamble Co (PG.N), Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA.O) and the New York Stock Exchange. […]

Now Is the Time for Online Retailers to Follow Asos, Boohoo & Tesco in Utilizing Pinterest

2 billion searches per month on Pinterest just became something online retailers can tap into. Pinterest introduced search ads with keyword and shopping campaigns this week. Marketingland: Pinterest introduced its anticipated Search Ads product on Wednesday. Search ads will open up ad inventory across the more than two billion searches that the company says happen […]


Open Source Is Integral to Making Online Retailers Future-Proof

Zalando is re-building itself into a platform company with mobile marketplaces (Fleek, Movmnt) and several B2B integrations (Media Solutions, Collabary, direct brand integrations into Zalando’s shops, fulfillment services). As we covered a year ago, Zalando is strongly encouraging the company’s engineers to open-source their projects and is trying to create an environment for them to […]