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2 Must-Attend E-Commerce Conferences Coming Up, One in the US, One in Europe

The next Recode Code Commerce conference takes place in New York from September 13th to 14th. This fall, we’ve expanded our series from a three-hour evening to a day-and-a-half conference, hosted in the emerging epicenter of e-commerce, New York. Recode senior editor Jason Del Rey and executive editor Kara Swisher will return with their signature, […]

How to Evaluate Amazon Prime and Other Subscription Businesses

How do you evaluate a subscription business like Blue Apron, Birchbox or Amazon Prime? In a lot of ways, subscription e-commerce shares key dynamics with software-as-a-service businesses. Tren Griffin, a senior director at Microsoft for strategy, competitive analysis and business development, wrote on his blog 25iq a good overview over how to look at subscription […]

Early Moves is Amongst the Top 50 Retail Blogs Worldwide

Recently, Feedspot, a feedreader, published a list of the top 100 retail blogs and websites for retail industry professionals worldwide. The ranking takes Facebook fans, Twitter followers and the Alexa rank into account. Not perfect, but it’s something. Early Moves, now a little over one and a half years young, made it to the forty-first […]

It’s Still Early Days: Just 8.5% of all US Retail Sales Happening Online

Here is your regular reminder that it is still early days. Still just 8.5% of all retail sales in the US are conducted online. Data and visualization via the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the U.S. Bureau of the Census: Two remarks: E-commerce share halts but doesn’t decline in recessions. (gray areas) This […]

Online Retailers Can Now Register to Get for Free to Shoptalk Europe, First Speakers Are Confirmed

After its second US event (we reported), this autumn the Shoptalk conference is coming for the first time to Europe, October 9-11 in Kopenhagen. From the press release (PDF): Shoptalk Europe also today announced its ‘Hosted Retailers & Brands Program’ that provides qualified retailers and brands with free tickets to attend Shoptalk Europe and up […]

Inside Marc Lore’s Head, Who Will Either be Walmart’s Savior or Its Destroyer

Speaking of Walmart, there’s a long portrait of Walmart’s new online push in BloombergBusinessweek, titled “Can Wal-Mart’s Expensive New E-Commerce Operation Compete With Amazon?“. Such a portrait of Walmart is nowadays by definition as well a portrait of Marc Lore. Lore, the new e-commerce boss at Walmart after the latter bought his startup, got […]

Amazon Unveils Logistics Services Revenues: More Than One in Six Dollars of Total Revenues

Amazon and logistics will be one of the biggest developments in online retail for the next ten years. Fueled by “Fulfillment by Amazon”, this part of the business is only continuing to grow. And it is large already. Financial Times (paywall): The Seattle-based company revealed that these services accounted for $6.438bn in sales in the […]

eBay Was the First One in India and Still Missed the Boat

eBay just gave its India business to Flipkart. One remarkable aspect about all this is the fact that eBay in fact was an early entrant on the Indian market. Ebay was the first international online retailer to enter India. Sumit Chakraberty at Tech in Asia about the history of eBay in India: Long before the […]

Samsonite Pulls a Unilever and Snaps up eBags for $105 Million

Unilever buying Dollar Shave Club last year might just have been a wake-up call for many brands trying to figure out where to stand in the digital landscape. It’s time to get serious. In the US, with Amazon dominating the online market, it has been Walmart recently making one move after another buying online players […]

An Explosion in Online Shopping in Iceland

No one gets away. The Iceland Review: Iceland Post can barely keep up with delivering mail orders arriving from abroad. When Icelanders discovered the Chinese online store AliExpress in 2013 and, subsequently, other similar ones, there was an explosion in the number of online orders, according to Vésteinn Viðarsson, parcel manager at Iceland Post, Umræðan […]