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An Explosion in Online Shopping in Iceland

No one gets away. The Iceland Review: Iceland Post can barely keep up with delivering mail orders arriving from abroad. When Icelanders discovered the Chinese online store AliExpress in 2013 and, subsequently, other similar ones, there was an explosion in the number of online orders, according to Vésteinn Viðarsson, parcel manager at Iceland Post, Umræðan […]

The Wave of Retail Disruption, as Seen at Shoptalk 2017

Vishal Gurbuxani published a great overview of Shoptalk 2017 on Medium, with a lot of notes and screenshots of slides from the conference: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is critical for success -Every company needs to hire a data science team and start collecting data now -You can’t just throw machine learning without data. You […]

Being Marc Lore: Walmart Wanted to Buy as Well, Now Amazon Kills It

Well, that is remarkable. Bloomberg: Inc. is shutting down its Quidsi division, which it acquired for about $545 million in 2011, saying it has been unable to make the owner of and websites profitable. More than 260 employees at Quidsi’s Jersey City, New Jersey, headquarters and customer service operation will lose their […]

The Rising Alibaba Cloud and the Future of Global Marketplaces

Like Amazon with AWS, Alibaba is building out its cloud business in the hope of building a massive business like AWS. And it looks like Alibaba may achieve this. Alibaba’s cloud already is the undisputed no. 1 in China. Which gives Alibaba some advantage: With Cloud computing it’s all about the scale effects. (That is […]

First Retail Partner Switches Back From Messenger to Email, But Not So Fast, Everyone Else

How Zalando uses mobile notifications. Every company needs to find its own way. There are no best practices yet, and maybe there never will be ones universally applicable. Recode on Everlane, a launch partner of Facebook Messenger’s business offerings in 2015 which is switching back from Messenger to emails: But today, Everlane emailed customers to […]


Groupon Says It Paid Nothing for LivingSocial

What Groupon, which bought LivingSocial last October, has to say in its 10-K filing about LivingSocial looks more damning regarding the former competitor than expected. TechCrunch: The other key detail to note from today’s earnings report, which covers both Q4 and the full year, is that Groupon acquired longtime rival LivingSocial last quarter for ‘no […]

Financial Analysts Don’t Like the Retail Space Anymore: “Here’s Why Every Mall Is Doomed”

The financial forecasting site Daily Reckoning is spelling out what industry analysts have known for some while. Malls are in big trouble and it starts showing in the retailers’ stocks: All the major mall anchors are coughing up their November gains at an alarming rate. Nordstrom Inc. (NYSE:JWN) took the biggest hit Friday, dropping nearly […]