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The Headscratcher That Is Marc Lore’s Online Strategy for Walmart

Business of Fashion has a long article on Walmart online boss Marc Lore and how he approaches online fashion and the positioning of and those recent acquisitions for Walmart’s online portfolio. Let’s look at a few of his statements from last week’s Shoptalk conference: On ModCloth: “There’s a lot we can learn from that […]

Walmart’s Tech Incubator ‘Store No. 8’ Sounds Not That Appealing to Startups

Walmart’s new e-commerce boss Marc Lore unveiled ‘Store No. 8’, the company’s new tech incubator located in Silicon Valley, at the Shoptalk conference. Bloomberg: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is creating a technology-startup incubator in California’s Silicon Valley to help identify changes that will reshape the retail experience in the next few years, including virtual reality, autonomous […]

ModCloth Is the Newest Entry to Walmart’s ‘Online Retail Holding Without Strategy’

Walmart remains on a shopping spree for all the U.S. based online retailers who can not run fast enough away. Next up: ModCloth. Jezebel: Modcloth employees were gathered this morning for an all-hands meeting, a recording of which was provided to Jezebel. CEO Matthew Kaness told the room that the company had been acquired by […]

Snapdeal Shows What Walmart Should Have Done With ShippingPass

Yesterday, we saw how Walmart, in killing ShippingPass without introducing a substitute, doesn’t really seem to grasp the challenge that Amazon Prime represents to the retailer’s online strategy. Looking at India, we can see how this might have gone differently with little to no effort for Walmart today. See, for example, Snapdeal Gold. Here’s a […]

Walmart Still Doesn’t Understand Amazon Prime, Kills ShippingPass Without Substitute

This is remarkable. Walmart just killed ShippingPass. And instead of replacing it with a true customer loyalty program to counter Amazon Prime the company is just making two-day shipping free of additional fees. It is the exact wrong move to make in the face of the threat called Amazon Prime. Recode: The world’s largest brick-and-mortar […]

It’s the First of Many to Come: Walmart Acquires ShoeBuy For, through its parent Walmart, has acquired ShoeBuy from IAC for $70 million. Recode: The ShoeBuy purchase follows the same acquisition strategy Jet employed when it paid a reported $90 million to buy the online home furnishings retailer Hayneedle to help boost its assortment in that area. In an interview with Recode, Lore said it’s “a […] When Walmart Lays Off Its E-Commerce Boss

If Amazon keeps growing at the same rate as the company does right now then the online giant from Seattle will have caught up with Walmart by 2025, at the latest. How much last year’s net sales decline has frightened Walmart has been become quite visible over the last months. At the company’s capital market […]

U.S. Ecommerce After and Dollar Shave Club: VC Is Back in Town?

Jason Del Rey, who is reporting on ecommerce for Recode, on the implications of the recent acquisitions of by Walmart and Dollar Shave Club by Unilever for U.S. investors and U.S. online retail: “You’re no longer going to be out on an island doing a deal of great importance,” said Greg Bettinelli, an investor […]

What This Journalist’s Tale of Switching From Amazon Prime to Really Tells Us

A journalist writes at Tech Insider about why he switched from Amazon Prime to How much cheaper is Jet? The upstart beat the giant on 73% of overlapping products, according to a Boomerang Commerce study last fall. Jet discounts increase if you buy related items, as the service determines what products can be shipped […]

Walmart Built Ecommerce Strategy for Themselves, Not Users

After a brief history lesson on U.S. retail, tech industry analyst Ben Thompson illustrates what Walmart did wrong in his appropriately titled piece, “Walmart and the Multichannel Trap”: instead of starting with customer needs and working backwards to a solution, Walmart started with their own reality and created a convoluted mess. Predictably it failed. (…) […]