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Zalando Services Revenues Grow by 93% This Half-Year

Today, Zalando published the company’s half-year results. Zalando wants to grow by at least 22.5% in the full year, after growing by 21.5% in the first half of the year, with growth by 16.5% in the DACH region: Zalando grew slower also thanks to reduced marketing. Marketing made up only 7.3%, compared to 10.5% in […]

How Zalando Is Setting Up the Building Blocks for a Platform With Zalando Zet and Build

Zalando has released slightly disappointing numbers and a new loyalty program called Zalando Zet. (German press release) The timing of both in the same week is most likely no coincidence. Zalando Zet points to Zalando‘s future. Here is today‘s first, unimpressive, iteration of Zalando Zet: Available initially in four German cities ( Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover, […]

Why Zalando Changed Course and Is Going From Multi-app to Single-app on Mobile

With Zalando Build, Zalando is working on building services right into the main app in a platform fashion. When we broke the news about Zalando Build, we asked ourselves what this new strategy means for Zalando’s mobile app strategy: All this, of course, raises serious questions about the future of Zalando’s other stand-alone apps, most importantly […]

2x by 2020: Zalando on Its Growth Ambitions

At this year’s capital markets day, Zalando presented (PDF) the company’s perspective on growth in the near future. Zalando has high hopes for the company’s platform. Just now, Zalando scored with Weekday the second H&M brand after Cheap Monday to be sold at Zalando. Zalando wants to grow to more than €10 billion in GMV. […]

The Fundamental Difference Between Amazon Prime Wardrobe & Zalando’s “Only Pay What You Keep”

It is illuminating to compare Amazon’s new Prime Wardrobe to Zalando’s “only pay what you keep”. Prime Wardrobe is, one might have guessed, for Prime members only, as so many things these days with Amazon. TechCrunch: First you pick at least three items, and up to 15, from more than a million Amazon Fashion options, […]

Zalando’s “Only Pay What You Keep” Expands: This is What a Moat Looks Like

After first tests with “Pay Later” in France, Zalando is rolling this out internationally, the company said in its logistics update before today’s capital markets day: This could drastically increase return rates. At the same time, it is becoming far more attractive for customers in countries like France or Italy to shop at Zalando. So, […]

What Zalando Is Doing in Logistics From Fulfillment to Local Services

Zalando provided a detailed logistics update (PDF) in the run up to this year’s capital markets day. For Zalando, returns are integrated into the process as the “customer try on”: It’s not news that for online, returns are what fitting rooms are for brick-and-mortar retail. As has been true from the start, Zalando is making […]

Thanks to Mobile, Zalando Sees Its Customers Return More Often and Buy More

Zalando seems to have overcome the company’s weak growth period in the DACH region (DACH = Germany, Austria and Switzerland). While Q3 last year saw DACH growth at under 10%, last Q4 saw a growth rate at 17.5%. Now Q1 of 2017 saw DACH growth at 17%. Rest of Europe grew significantly faster, with an […]

The Verge Discovered the “Secret” to Worry-Free Online Clothes Shopping 🙄

I thought this was a no-brainer, but here we go: I have a friend who shops in a way I never even thought was possible. She buys clothing for herself and her two kids online like an increasing number of humans, only when she does it she orders three sizes of everything. She buys the […]

Zalando Build: The Fashtech Startups Zalando Is Looking For

Now that Zalando Build is online, (our first analysis of the coming Zalando platform) we can get a better look at what Zalando is looking for in startups to integrate into the Zalando main app: We are now looking for fashion tech companies, that want to join us in our mission to connect even more […]