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How Zalando Is Transforming Its Main App Into a True Platform With “Zalando Build”

At Vizions, Zalando’s conference on the topic of platforms (see photo above), we talked with Marc Lamik, Head of Product for Innovation & Partnerships at Zalando, about Zalando’s next platform initiative. This week, Zalando is unveiling the company’s next platform move; and this one’s going right into the heart of the business. (Mobile order share […]

Zalando Battles Slightly Lower Than Expected Growth

Business of Fashion / Bloomberg Gadfly about Zalando’s recent numbers: The German online fashion retailer said in November that full-year sales growth would be towards the higher end of its 20-25 percent range. On Tuesday, as it reported results for the final three months of its financial year, it said the outcome is likely to […]

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From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Amazon, eBay & Zalando’s Services Revenues Explosion

The general route goes something like this: Grow to a large enough size to be able to do more than mere (‘pure’) online retail -> Diversify and grow towards platforms et al (marketplaces, services) -> Diversification of revenue streams When an online retailer reaches a certain size, the company gets to a crossroads of sorts. […]

Fast, Faster, Zalando: Tailoring Service is Piloting Now

The ‘Order-A-Tailor’ service, born at Zalando’s hackweek in December 2016, is now piloting in Berlin for the next weeks. Customers who bought a suit since January at Zalando can use the completely free (for now) service to make an appointment (between March and April) with a local tailor. Wether the project will turn into a […]

Zalando, Mobile Company

Zalando is a mobile company, if anyone was still wondering. From the earnings call presentation (PDF): Zalando’s mobile share has now reached 68.1%, making its mobile apps far more important than the desktop website(s). All of Zalando’s apps have now cumulatively reached 28 million downloads. Don’t forget: Mobile order share is already at >50%. Numbers […]

In a Break with Tradition, Zalando Acquires First Retailer

Zalando is no stranger to acquisitions. But the company had, so far, limited its M&A activities to technology and service providers like Tradebyte (B2B marketplace services) or Nuggad (advertising technology). One could argue that the acquisition of the “Tinder for fashion” app Amaze was an exception to that rule. But Amaze -the first app on […]

Zalando Wants to Grow by “20-25%” in 2017, After Growing By 23% in 2016

Zalando released its annual report today: Zalando expects to continue outperforming the fashion retail market again in 2017 and grow revenues in a range of 20-25%, following a strong 2016 performance when Europe’s leading online fashion platform gained market share in every single quarter. Driven by a systematic focus on consumers and suppliers, as well […]

Vizions: Zalando Announces Platform Conference

Zalando just announced Vizions, the first conference the company is launching on the topic of platforms, platform dynamics and the European tech industry. (via) Vizions, which will be held on the 20th of April this year in Berlin, will be not just about online platforms like Amazon Marketplace (and Zalando’s several own platform attempts) but […]

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How Zalando Views Machine Learning and AI Disrupting the Fashion Industry

Eric Bowman, VP of Engineering at Zalando, writes at Minutehack about the importance of machine learning for the future fashion industry: For example, to correctly recognise a blouse, thousands or even millions of images are used to train computers to identify items that are visually similar. This knowledge is then linked together to reveal symmetries […]

“Pay Later”: Zalando Wants To Crack France With Fitting Service

Zalando got famous for its free returns, turning shopping for clothes online into something that makes sense for customers. Over the last year, Zalando has, in partnership with logistics company Liefery, begun picking up returns from customers’ home doors in first, select locations. The easier returns are for customers, the more likely they are to […]