Marketplaces, like platforms in general, create winner-takes-all dynamics by virtue of the network effects that create an ever growing gravitation towards the biggest entities. As online retail goes more and more towards marketplaces everywhere, this dynamic gets more prevalent as well. This holds equally opportunities and strategic pitfalls for online retailers as well. Case in […]

Mattresses. Everyone needs to sleep on one. But the current mattresses hype is really something to behold. Now, UK’s Eve Sleep, not three years old, went public in good old New Economy fashion. Eve Sleep got £35 million on a valuation of £140 million. From the stock exchange prospectus (PDF): On 15 March 2017, an […]

As online retail moves from the desktop Internet to mobile, the time for mobile pure players is coming. Spring just got a $65 million investment, led by mutual fund Fidelity: Fidelity Investments has led a $65 million investment in Spring, a three-year-old e-commerce startup that sells clothes from 2,000 clothing brands through its mobile app […]

Amazon is now worth two Walmarts, via Recode: On the 20th anniversary of Amazon’s IPO, Amazon’s market cap stands at $459 billion before the market opens for trading. Walmart’s? $228 billion. A good time as any to read this excellent TechCrunch piece on how Amazon operates by Zack Kanter, co-founder of Stedi: Amazon is the […]

Flexe is one of those very rare startups that could (still) shake up the whole online retail market in the US. Flexe has slowly been bringing more and more warehouse space and fulfillment services to its platform and is now slowly reaching scale at which it truly becomes interesting. Bloomberg: In less than five years, […]

Quite the time for e-commerce right now. After fantastic numbers from Wayfair, The Hut Group and others, it is now‘s turn. China Internet Watch: Jingdong GMV for the first quarter of 2017 increased by 42% to 184.1 billion yuan (US$26.7 billion) from 129.3 billion yuan in Q1 2016. Annual active customer accounts increased by […]


In our new series ‘The New Logistics’ we’re going to cover interesting developments and innovative startups rethinking logistics and delivery at every step of the way. Here is a video by China’s People’s Daily about a robotic sorting system at ‘a Chinese company’ that is finishing 200,000+ packages a day. The robots are self-charging. (they […]