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How Asos Is Using Data Science and AI to Create a Better Mobile App

Asos is seeing 70 percent of its traffic on mobile and 50 percent of its purchases are happening on mobile. In the UK, Asos‘ home market, the numbers go up to 80% (traffic) and 70% (purchases). Digiday on Asos in mobile: Built in-house, the app has 10 million downloads according to the company, and it’s […]

JD.com CEO Says AI Will Cut Staff by 1/3, Grow Revenue by 1,000% in 10 Years

That‘s quite the quote from JD.com‘s CEO via China Money Network: Chinese e-commerce leader JD.com Inc will see revenue expand by 1,000%, while its employee head count will fall by one third over the next ten years due to the use of artificial intelligence technology, says company founder and CEO Richard Liu. ​Those cuts will […]

These 40+ Commerce Startups Have AI at Their Core

AI, it’s all the rage these days. CB Insights: Investors poured a record high of $4.9B into artificial intelligence (AI) startups in 2016, and AI is already affecting more areas of our lives than many people realize. Even retail and e-commerce companies are increasingly integrating the technology. While chatbots may be one of the more well-known […]

Jeff Bezos on Machine Learning and AI at Amazon

Amazon now calls Walmart & co. “day 2 companies.” It is ever so subtle how Jeff Bezos hints at Amazon’s singular organizational structure, this time in the 2016 letter to Shareholders: I’m interested in the question, how do you fend off Day 2? What are the techniques and tactics? How do you keep the vitality […]