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Before the Storm: Priceline Group Spent $3.5 Billion on PPC in 2016

Google ads still seem to work really well. But inexpensive at this scale they are not. Tnooz: No wonder travel companies find it hard to compete with the Priceline Group – the company splashed out a record $3.5 billion on marketing last year. Google was most likely the primary recipient of the company’s eyewatering ad spend, […]

AirBnB’s Imminent Identity Shift May Lead to a M&A Shopping Spree

Wherever there is smoke there is fire. And with AirBnB the identity shift of the company from P2P urban rental platform to a full-blown 360° travel service provider seems imminent. Prior to its IPO, not incidental. According to Bloomberg, AirBnB has still $3 billion sitting in the bank waiting to get used for acquisitions: On […]

Google Flights Searches Going Through the Roof

Skift: With travel advertising revenue that’s already twice the size of Expedia’s, Google, of course, won’t share any market share or revenue data about Google Flights or Hotel Ads. There are many reasons for Google’s reticence, including that this is just Google being Google and the fact that the company doesn’t want to alienate its largest online travel […]

Airbnb Is Really Building a Flight Search Engine

AirBnB may soon be the next company to start competing with Priceline and Expedia. Skift: Development of the flight-booking feature is early, and the company is considering various routes to break into the business, said people familiar with the plans. Airbnb may acquire an online travel agency or license data from a provider, such as […]

What eBay Lost

Devin Wenig, eBay CEO since July of 2015, talked about eBay vs. Amazon at the Recode conference: It’s all about perception, Wenig said onstage at the Code Conference, and eBay isn’t just an auction site anymore. But it’s also not trying to be Amazon. “That’s why we sell $90 billion worth of stuff a year,” Wenig […]