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Zalando Discontinues Recently Aquired Amaze and Makes the App a Part of Fleek

In May, Zalando bought the shopping app Amaze. Zalando was the shop backend for the blogger/influencer created content on Amaze. Amaze was the only app on Zalando’s new platform that did not come from Zalando itself. Surprisingly, the young startup didn’t stay independent of Zalando for even a whole year. Now, Amaze is getting integrated […]


What the Takeover of Amaze Tells us About Zalando’s App Platform

Zalando has bought the shopping app Amaze (German). Amongst all the new mobile apps on top of Zalando, Amaze was/is an outlier. The app was not only the first one on Zalando’s platform1, it was also the only one by another company than Zalando. Amaze was essentially a third-party app providing a unique way for […]

Amaze, The ‘Tinder For Fashion’, Brings Fashion Data To A New Level

Amaze, the first mobile app built by a startup on Zalando’s new technology platform and its APIs, has been available in Germany since June 2015. (German announcement by Zalando) Now the app is available in Europe. As has been said here before, Amaze is a great showcase for why an online fashion retailer like Zalando […]