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Diageo and the Winner-Takes-All Aspect for Brands in Voice Commerce

Voice interactions, and with them a meaningful percentage of ‚conversational commerce‘, are going to differ from other means of discovery by one main aspect: The algorithmic answers to the users‘ questions won‘t be lists of options but, in most cases, be one result. One result. That means one spot. Either you‘re in, or you‘re out. […]

Amazon Is Becoming the Greatest Threat Google Ever Encountered

Slowly but surely, Amazon turns into the greatest threat Google has ever encountered because Amazon is eating Google’s advertising lunch. It has begun with more and more people using Amazon as the default search engine, the default starting point, for online shopping that entails looking up and comparing products. You know, things one needs a […]

Amazon Music Unlimited

From Echo to Prime, How Amazon Incorporated Music Streaming Into Its Bundled Universe

Amazon is launching Amazon Music Unlimited, its new music streaming service, today. (press release) The new service is an expansion of Amazon Prime Music that has been a part of Amazon Prime with 2 million songs. (compared to tens of millions of songs at Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and others) Geekwire on the new music […]

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Flash Briefing: How Publishers Are Producing Dedicated News Formats for Alexa

For Alexa to be a strong platform for new kinds of ecommerce it needs to be a strong general-interest platform first, as I laid out in detail here. In essence, the platform needs to be, well, useful to users. Being the first platform of a kind (voice controlled, that is) to get signifcant enough traction […]

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s SVP for Devices and Services Candidly Talks About Amazon’s Devices Strategy

David Limp, senior vice president at Amazon for devices and services, has been rather candid in recent interviews about Amazon’s devices strategy. First up, a summary at The New York Times on Amazon’s long term goals with Alexa: It wants the Alexa Voice Service, which powers Echo, to be an ingredient in devices around the […]

Alexa Skills

With Better Skills Discovery & E-Commerce Capabilities, Amazon Alexa is Growing up

Amazon Alexa, the voice interface behind Echo, took two huge steps forward in the last few days. First, Prime products can now be bought via Alexa. TechCrunch: The retail-super-mega-giant, which had previously enabled reordering through Alexa, is now adding search/shopping to its AI voice assistant. Users with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or Fire TV […]

How Fast-Growing Divisions like AWS & Alexa Create Tension Inside Amazon

Amazon is organized like a network of start-ups built on a common platform. This can work great (as it does on so many levels for Amazon), but it can also create tension. Business Insider is reporting on a troubling hiring practice at Amazon that is in conflict with its organizational structure: Teams are poaching newly […]

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The Alexa Tax

Jeff Bezos at Recode Conference on the two SDK’s for Alexa: We expose two different SDK’s for Alexa. One is the Alexa Voice Service which lets you through a set of APIs embed Alexa in your own device or app and do with it what you want. So you could make an alarm clock and you […]

Triby with Alexa

Triby’s Integration is a Sign of Things to Come for Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo is a successful device in the US. (the only market the Echo is available yet) But what if Alexa, the voice interface technology behind Echo, gets integrated in as many household gadgets as possible? That, make no mistake, is the goal Amazon is aiming for. Selling Echos is nice, but that is not […]

Why Ford and Others Are Going to Integrate Amazon Echo/Alexa

At this years CES Ford announced a coming integration of Amazon Echo and the Alexa voice service. Drivers will be able to speak to their Echo devices to, for example, unlock their cars or check the fuel level. In the car, drivers will be able to talk to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa (the technology behind […]