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Forget Today’s Echo Look, Think Instead About Amazon Fashion in Voice-First in 10 Years

The newest Echo device from Amazon, the Echo Look, is a weird one at first look. But it hints at the range of services voice commerce will enable in the (near) future. Here’s Recode on the new Echo Look: The new version of the popular Echo — this one is being dubbed the Echo Look […]

Amazon Echo

Alexa’s German Version Still in Kindergarten

On the 26th of October, Amazon Echo was supposed to launch in Germany with an invitation based system. It took Amazon until the 7th of November to send out emails to customers who where requesting invites to buy an Echo or Echo Dot to tell them that everyon will get one but that it may […]

Amazon Echo

Flash Briefing: How Publishers Are Producing Dedicated News Formats for Alexa

For Alexa to be a strong platform for new kinds of ecommerce it needs to be a strong general-interest platform first, as I laid out in detail here. In essence, the platform needs to be, well, useful to users. Being the first platform of a kind (voice controlled, that is) to get signifcant enough traction […]

Post-PC Online Retail: Why and How Amazon is Building the Alexa Voice Platform

Why, one might wonder, do we talk so much about Amazon’s platforms from Alexa to Fire TV and DRS (Dash Replenishment Service) on here? What does this have to do with online retail? A TV set-top box with a software platform has nothing to do with retail, right? And neither does a voice interface gadget, […]

Screenless E-Commerce: Amazon Echo Is A New Interface To The Internet

Josh Stearns, Director, Journalism & Sustainability for Dodge Foundation, writes on Medium about his experience with Amazon Echo: [After] almost a year of owning an Echo I’m amazed by how it has shifted how I access news and information, creating a layer of on-demand audio that I find myself relying on more and more. I’ve […]

Codename “Fox”: Will Amazon’s Coming Portable Version of Echo Be Like a Smartphone?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is going to release a new portable Version of its Echo Speaker: In the coming weeks, Amazon expects to release a smaller, portable version of its voice-activated tabletop Echo speaker, building off the device’s surprise success since it was released in November 2014, according to people familiar with […]

Why Ford and Others Are Going to Integrate Amazon Echo/Alexa

At this years CES Ford announced a coming integration of Amazon Echo and the Alexa voice service. Drivers will be able to speak to their Echo devices to, for example, unlock their cars or check the fuel level. In the car, drivers will be able to talk to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa (the technology behind […]