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Forget Today’s Echo Look, Think Instead About Amazon Fashion in Voice-First in 10 Years

The newest Echo device from Amazon, the Echo Look, is a weird one at first look. But it hints at the range of services voice commerce will enable in the (near) future. Here’s Recode on the new Echo Look: The new version of the popular Echo — this one is being dubbed the Echo Look […]

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Amazon Expects to Sell 10 Mio. Echo Devices Next Year, Probably Due to Internationalization

‘The Information’ is reporting on Amazon’s expectations for the company’s Echo device family (paywall): Amazon is hoping to sell as many as 10 million of its voice-activated Echo devices next year, which would make it a roughly $1 billion hardware business, according to a person with direct knowledge of the projections. (..) That would be […]

Study Shows Why Amazon Alexa is Well Positioned Against Apple and Google

Ben Bajarin, an industry analyst at Creative Strategies, on a study they did on the current state of the voice UI: In anticipation of this and the many other “voice first” based products and experiences we believe will come to market in 2016-2017, we sought to do a quantitative study of Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri, […]

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The Alexa Tax

Jeff Bezos at Recode Conference on the two SDK’s for Alexa: We expose two different SDK’s for Alexa. One is the Alexa Voice Service which lets you through a set of APIs embed Alexa in your own device or app and do with it what you want. So you could make an alarm clock and you […]

Jeff Bezos Interview at WaPo

Why Amazon Echo and Alexa Don’t Need to Fear Google Home and an Apple Siri SDK

In his Washington Post interview, which we referenced yesterday already, Jeff Bezos also talked about Echo and the Alexa platform behind Echo. The work on Echo started about four years ago, he tells the audience, and there are working “probably more than a thousand people” on it. Here is what he had to say on […]

Triby with Alexa

Triby’s Integration is a Sign of Things to Come for Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo is a successful device in the US. (the only market the Echo is available yet) But what if Alexa, the voice interface technology behind Echo, gets integrated in as many household gadgets as possible? That, make no mistake, is the goal Amazon is aiming for. Selling Echos is nice, but that is not […]

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3 Million Echoes: Why Amazon’s Alexa Voice Platform Is Here To Stay

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimates that three million units of Echo have been sold to date. PDF of the press release (via): “Echo sold steadily throughout 2015, and as Amazon ramped up promotion, it sold even better at Christmas.” Customers use Amazon Echo for many purposes, with over one – third using it as […]