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Analysis: Whole Foods in an Amazon Go/Flex/Fresh World

When the news broke last Friday that Amazon is about to acquire Whole Foods, I wrote this: Now we know who the first and best customer for the Amazon Go technology will be. In February, we talked about what Amazon Go might evolve into: It may be illuminating to look at where Amazon most likely […]

Amazon Flex and More Highlights from #Shoptalk17

Lionel Richie and Amazon’s Prime Now boss Stephenie Landry opened on Sunday evening the second Shoptalk conference which we will be covering this week. Prime Now is now, almost two years after launch, available in 45 cities in seven countries. Even in Tokio. Amazon Uber-like delivery service Amazon Flex has to be understood as spin-off, […]

What Amazon Go Will Look Like in an Amazon Flex World

Amazon Go, unveiled at the end of last year, is fascinating because, at first look, it looks like such a departure from what Amazon is usually building. The (wrong) rumor Amazon would build 2,000 stores around the US equipped with Amazon Go was/is part of this collective head scratching. It also shows how we often […]

Deliver with Amazon: How Amazon Plans to ‘Uberize’ Logistics

While the expanding Amazon Flex service is a kind of “Uber for the last mile”, Amazon is also planning the same organizational approach for the middle mile, according to Business Insider: The app, scheduled to launch next summer, is designed to make it easier for truck drivers to find shippers that need goods moved, much […]

How Amazon is Expanding its Uber-Like Delivery Service Amazon Flex

We mentioned shortly here already that select Amazon Flex drivers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area just started handling standard Amazon.com deliveries. Fortune has a few more bits on this very low key expansion: Three Flex drivers in northern Texas told Reuters they received an email in recent weeks from Amazon inviting them to take part […]

Are Delivery Costs For Food Too High For Dedicated Startups?

Benzi Ronen, founder and CEO of Farmigo, on TechCrunch about delivery costs at food startups: Food tech is big these days — Grubhub, Blue Apron, Instacart — but pretty web design and polished communication strategies aren’t enough to build a sustainable food business. No company will provide attractive gross margins without creating and executing a […]

Amazon is Expanding Uber-like Package Delivery Service ‘Flex’

GeekWire: Amazon says its experiment with an Uber-style delivery network called Flex has gone so well in Seattle over the past few months that it’s planning to expand the offering to more cities. And it looks like the e-commerce giant won’t be stopping there. (..) Right now, Amazon is just crowdsourcing couriers for its Prime Now […]