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Amazon Is Working on Refrigeration-Free Prepared Meals for Amazon Fresh

TechCrunch: Amazon is looking at using tech originally designed for the military to create meals that are ready for consumption that don’t require any refrigeration. This would help make them much easier to manage from an inventory and logistics standpoint, since warehousing and transportation needs would be far less complex, Reuters reports. Amazon’s difficulties in cracking […]

Analysis: Amazon Fresh Meal-Kits From Amazon, in Addition to “Featured Brands”

And just like that, the first meal-kits are available at Amazon. At first, meal-kits are a part of Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is cooperating with Marley Spoon and Tyson Tastemakers to offer meal-kits in addition to offering meal-kits of its own. The latter being the news here. Business Insider: Amazon’s new meal kits are already […]

Analysis: Whole Foods in an Amazon Go/Flex/Fresh World

When the news broke last Friday that Amazon is about to acquire Whole Foods, I wrote this: Now we know who the first and best customer for the Amazon Go technology will be. In February, we talked about what Amazon Go might evolve into: It may be illuminating to look at where Amazon most likely […]

Amazon Fresh Pickup

How Amazon Fresh Made a Former Department Store into a Pickup

While the first Amazon Fresh Pickup in Seattle made a coherent impression on us, the second Pickup in the southern Seattle quarter SoDo did not: This one is located at the Starbucks Center right next to Starbucks headquarters in a part of a building that used to be occupied by Sears and OfficeMax. (Se here […]

Impressions From the First Amazon Fresh Pickup in Seattle

The first Amazon Fresh Pickups have been unveiled in Seattle. We took a closer look at them. Located in the Ballard quarter, the Amazon Fresh depot was built specifically for Amazon (no retrofitting, yet) and is approximately 90 minutes by foot to the north of Amazon headquarters and Amazon Go at the much used 15th […]

‘AmazonFresh Pickup’ is the Tech Giant’s next Fulfillment Center Concept

GeekWire uncovered the ‘AmazonFresh Pickup’ concept: New permit documents reveal “AmazonFresh Pickup” as the planned concept for the next phase in the online giant’s physical retail initiatives, amid new clues that the first drive-up grocery locations could open in Seattle soon. […] According to the permit filings, Amazon last week got the go-ahead from the city of […]

Hershey's and Chef'd

Tyson Foods, Hershey’s & Campbell Soup Attack Blue Apron Et Al With Their Own Meal-Kits

Nasdaq.com on big food going into meal-kits: ​ Hershey, with startup Chef’d, in September launched dessert kits on Facebook Live, where some food-preparation videos have attracted millions of views. Tyson Foods launched kits through Amazon Fresh in September, working its chicken and beef into tacos, stews and roasts. Tyson sells a separate line of kits […]