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This Chinese Startup‘s Stores Are Like a Mashup of Amazon Go and the Treasure Truck

Tech in Asia is reporting on Bingobox, a Chinese startup building Amazon Go like technology. Bingobox is already operating a handful of stores in Zhongshan, where Bingobox is also based, and recently launched the first one in Shanghai. Bingobox stores look a little less ‚glamourful‘ than Amazon Go and run, expectedly, on WeChat. Customers have […]

Analysis: Whole Foods in an Amazon Go/Flex/Fresh World

When the news broke last Friday that Amazon is about to acquire Whole Foods, I wrote this: Now we know who the first and best customer for the Amazon Go technology will be. In February, we talked about what Amazon Go might evolve into: It may be illuminating to look at where Amazon most likely […]

What Amazon Go Will Look Like in an Amazon Flex World

Amazon Go, unveiled at the end of last year, is fascinating because, at first look, it looks like such a departure from what Amazon is usually building. The (wrong) rumor Amazon would build 2,000 stores around the US equipped with Amazon Go was/is part of this collective head scratching. It also shows how we often […]

Jeff Bezos Pushes Back Against Absurd Amazon Go News

Well, that is a different course to Amazon’s traditional ‘no comment’ strategy. Jeff Bezos himself went to Twitter to deny a story in the New York Post on Amazon Go: It is not the first time Amazon Go has led to some false claims by the media the company felt the need to deny. In […]

Redefining Fast: Amazon’s Trademarks for “No-Line”-Shopping & The Model For Amazon Go

Thankfully, we know now that Amazon is, indeed, not planning to open up 2,000 stores around the US. There are still two main questions when it comes to Amazon’s future plans: First, what exactly is the company planning with Amazon Go? Second, why did that number of 2,000 Amazon stores come up several times this […]

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Amazon: “No, We’re Absolutely Not Opening 2,000 Stores”

Behold, a rare sight. An Amazon spokesperson is talking to the public, about the company no less. Even more rare, Amazon is explicitly adressing and shutting down the rumor that the Seattle based e-commerce giant is planning on opening 2,000 stores across the US. A rumor that has come up numerous times over the course […]

‘Amazon Go’ Will Be One of at Least 3 Formats for Amazon’s Planned 2.000 Grocery Stores

Update: Amazon: “No, We’re Absolutely Not Opening 2,000 Stores” /Update Amazon is reportedly planning to open up to 2.000 stores in the US, with Amazon Go grocery stores being one part of a mix of formats. The Wall Street Journal is speaking of “at least three formats”. The Verge: According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, […]