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Study: For Amazon Prime Subscribers in U.S., Video is Mostly an Add-On Benefit

Industry analyst Jan Dawson (Jackdaw Research) at Tech.pinions on a Jackdaw Research study on Amazon Prime usage (paywall): In this context what the survey shows is, for current Prime subscribers in the US, video is mostly an add-on benefit rather than the main reason people use Prime. Just 5% of respondents said they don’t use […]

Jeff Bezos & The “Flywheel” Metaphor for Amazon Prime and Prime Video

We get to monetize that content in a very unusual way. Because when we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes. And it does that in a very direct way. Because when people become Prime members they buy more on Amazon than non-Prime members. Jeff Bezos summarizes the interdependence between Amazon Prime […]

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Why Amazon ‘Unbundles’ Prime and Video: Faster Prime Adoption, Easier TV Expansion

Amazon Prime has become a main driver for Amazon’s business. And a main driver for Amazon Prime adoption is the streaming service Prime Video. I called Prime “a prime bundle” in my analysis last year. In the U.S. Prime adoption is already very far ahead. New data from a survey (6.500 U.S. teenagers) by Piper […]