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Here Are Two Ways To Deliver Meals Profitably

A little over a year ago we asked wether delivery costs for food are too high for dedicated startups. And to this day the answer to this question is still very much open. It is not that there is no conceivable theoretical end-point (high-enough density and according infrastructure) at which a dedicated company would then be […]

Amazon Prime Doubles in Size in Two Years, Over 25% of Subscribers Paying Monthly Already

Amazon’s e-commerce business is increasingly tied to Amazon Prime. Amazon’s success in new markets like India depend in no small parts on the popularity of Prime in those markets and, last not least, Prime is –already– the moat around Amazon’s business in its home market, the US. Unfortunately, Amazon never once said how many Prime […]

Alibaba’s Lazada Launches the First Real Amazon Prime Competitor With LiveUp

This is very interesting news: Alibaba’s Lazada last week launched LiveUp, a subscription service that combines perks from several different services. Tech in Asia: Lazada announced today the launch of a new membership program in collaboration with its recent acquisition, online grocery delivery service Redmart. The program, called LiveUp, will bring the two companies together […]

Subscribe With Amazon

Subscribe With Amazon: The New Self-Service Marketplace That Will Dominate Subscriptions

Amazon, which compared with other online retailers has had a strong focus on subscriptions for a long while now, may just have launched it’s next future major business. “Subscribe With Amazon” is a new self-service marketplace for (at first) digital subscriptions for (at first) the US market. From the press release: Subscribe with Amazon is […]

Amazon’s Ruthlessness and Growing Power Across Industries Creates Powerful Enemies

Amazon is growing and growing and is getting more powerful every day. AWS, Amazon Prime with its Video component and the Alexa platform, Amazon Marketplace and Amazon Business, for example, are all very distinct businesses in different markets. They all benefit from being part of something greater. The power of cross-subsidisation is something we have […]

Splitting the Amazon Prime Revenues Up Into Their Individual Parts

Jan Dawson, an industry analyst I make sure to follow closely, crunched the recently released numbers around Amazon Prime. First, he concludes as well that Amazon Prime subscriber growth is slowing in relative numbers: ​ There’s no way to be 100% sure about my numbers, but they certainly imply that Amazon has been making the […]

Amazon Marketplace Services, AWS & Prime Each Doubled in Revenue Since 2014

A successful, ongoing diversification of revenue streams, quantified: (Exciting Commerce) Amazon Marketplace Services, AWS & Prime each doubled in revenues since 2014. The ‘others’ basket, which includes Amazon’s advertising business, is growing fast too, hinting at a growing ad business. Selling services to sellers is a lucrative endeavour for marketplaces. For Amazon the size of […]