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Splitting the Amazon Prime Revenues Up Into Their Individual Parts

Jan Dawson, an industry analyst I make sure to follow closely, crunched the recently released numbers around Amazon Prime. First, he concludes as well that Amazon Prime subscriber growth is slowing in relative numbers: ​ There’s no way to be 100% sure about my numbers, but they certainly imply that Amazon has been making the […]

Amazon Marketplace Services, AWS & Prime Each Doubled in Revenue Since 2014

A successful, ongoing diversification of revenue streams, quantified: (Exciting Commerce) Amazon Marketplace Services, AWS & Prime each doubled in revenues since 2014. The ‘others’ basket, which includes Amazon’s advertising business, is growing fast too, hinting at a growing ad business. Selling services to sellers is a lucrative endeavour for marketplaces. For Amazon the size of […]

Amazon Prime Subscriber Growth May Be Slowing

Recode estimates Amazon Prime subscribers to be currently at 66 million: Amazon announced in its earnings release that it added “tens of millions” of new Prime members in 2016. A spokesman confirmed to Recode that these were net additions. That means Amazon added at least 20 million paid members last year, on top of the […]

Snapdeal Shows What Walmart Should Have Done With ShippingPass

Yesterday, we saw how Walmart, in killing ShippingPass without introducing a substitute, doesn’t really seem to grasp the challenge that Amazon Prime represents to the retailer’s online strategy. Looking at India, we can see how this might have gone differently with little to no effort for Walmart today. See, for example, Snapdeal Gold. Here’s a […]

Walmart Still Doesn’t Understand Amazon Prime, Kills ShippingPass Without Substitute

This is remarkable. Walmart just killed ShippingPass. And instead of replacing it with a true customer loyalty program to counter Amazon Prime the company is just making two-day shipping free of additional fees. It is the exact wrong move to make in the face of the threat called Amazon Prime. Recode: The world’s largest brick-and-mortar […]

Amazon Music Unlimited

From Echo to Prime, How Amazon Incorporated Music Streaming Into Its Bundled Universe

Amazon is launching Amazon Music Unlimited, its new music streaming service, today. (press release) The new service is an expansion of Amazon Prime Music that has been a part of Amazon Prime with 2 million songs. (compared to tens of millions of songs at Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and others) Geekwire on the new music […]

55% of U.S. Online Shoppers Start in Jeff’s Kingdom – Who Is Challenging Amazon?

Recode: Fifty-five percent of people in the U.S. now start their online shopping trips on Amazon.com, according to results from a 2,000-person survey commissioned by the e-commerce startup BloomReach. That stat marks a 25 percent increase from the same survey last year, when 44 percent of online shoppers said they turned to Amazon first. Over […]