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Truly Mobile Retail: The Treasure Trucks are Coming

We have been writing extensively (compared to the tiny scope of the project) about Amazon’s Treasure Truck and similar approaches. The reason for this is straight-forward: The Treasure Truck programm shows pretty clearly how different one can think retail in the face of an omnipresent, always on, always connected smartphone. Now, Amazon is rolling out […]

This Chinese Startup‘s Stores Are Like a Mashup of Amazon Go and the Treasure Truck

Tech in Asia is reporting on Bingobox, a Chinese startup building Amazon Go like technology. Bingobox is already operating a handful of stores in Zhongshan, where Bingobox is also based, and recently launched the first one in Shanghai. Bingobox stores look a little less ‚glamourful‘ than Amazon Go and run, expectedly, on WeChat. Customers have […]

Amazon’s Most Promising ‘Stealth’ Project, the Treasure Truck, Celebrates 1st Birthday

This friday, the Amazon Treasure Truck celebrated its first year anniversary, see the offical social media updates on Facebook and on Twitter. The Amazon Treasure Truck, a location based, short-term deals model that only works with the premise of everyone owning a smartphone, is promising because it allows Amazon to do local deals with comparatively […]

Amazon’s Treasure Truck Shows How ‘Location Based’ And Mobile Can Be Combined

The most amusing aspect of the recent hysteria surrounding a rumor that Amazon is going to start hundreds of retail stores was the fact that so many journalists and commentators talked about book stores by Amazon as if owning a book store retail chain would make any sense for Amazon. Of course it does not. […]