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Wayfair Achieves $3.9 Billion Over 12 Months, Showing Amazon Can’t Conquer It All

After a fantastic quarter (PDF) with growth by 46%, Wayfair managed to grow revenues over the last 12 months to $3.9 billion. The company is now gunning for $4.4 billion for the whole year: Here’s the adjusted EBITDA. The international business is still driving losses (nothing new at Wayfair): For the US, Wayfair is a […]

Apple’s ARKit Will Usher in an Online Retail Revolution

Apple’s ARKit Will Usher in an Online Retail Revolution Apple released ARKit at the company‘s developer conference WWDC a few weeks ago. (Watch the introduction here.) ARKit will come to iOS this fall with iOS 11 and it is the single biggest addition to iOS in years. With ARKit, developers will be able to implement […]