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Amazon Marketplace Services, AWS & Prime Each Doubled in Revenue Since 2014

A successful, ongoing diversification of revenue streams, quantified: (Exciting Commerce) Amazon Marketplace Services, AWS & Prime each doubled in revenues since 2014. The ‘others’ basket, which includes Amazon’s advertising business, is growing fast too, hinting at a growing ad business. Selling services to sellers is a lucrative endeavour for marketplaces. For Amazon the size of […]

How Fast-Growing Divisions like AWS & Alexa Create Tension Inside Amazon

Amazon is organized like a network of start-ups built on a common platform. This can work great (as it does on so many levels for Amazon), but it can also create tension. Business Insider is reporting on a troubling hiring practice at Amazon that is in conflict with its organizational structure: Teams are poaching newly […]

The Business Lessons Amazon Learnt Through AWS

  À propos using AWS as a lens to understand Amazon: Werner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon, writes on his blog on the occasion of AWS turning 10 years old about 10 lessons, Amazon learned over those years. As these things go, it is a bit self-congratulatory. But leaving that aside, it is a good […]

Platform Company: How AWS Hints at the Structure of Amazon’s Present and Future Businesses

Ben Thompson draws analogies between AWS, Amazon Prime, Echo and Amazon’s future logistics endeavours at Stratechery. First, AWS: The “primitives” model modularized Amazon’s infrastructure, effectively transforming raw data center components into storage, computing, databases, etc. which could be used on an ad-hoc basis not only by Amazon’s internal teams but also outside developers. (…) This […]

No, AWS will not be spun out as a separate company

  Wired on AWS: In the first half of 2015, revenue from AWS jumped 65 percent and accounted for 7 percent of Amazon’s overall revenue—and 37 percent of its profits. Though they share some infrastructure, AWS and Amazon’s e-commerce and hardware businesses are very different. But AWS chief Andy Jassy has been clear his boss, […]

Amazon’s AWS advantage

Jim Fowler, the chief information officer of General Electric, said, “A.W.S. will be the trusted partner that will run our company’s information technology for the next 140 years.” That’s how long G.E., founded by Thomas Edison, has been around. -New York Times’ Bits Blog reporting from AWS’ own re:Invent conference. Over the last week Amazon […]