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Blue Apron on Its IPO Screw-Up at Codecommerce

Since Groupon has there not been a similarly botched IPO as we witnessed this year with Blue Apron. The meal-kit company wanted to go public for $3 billion, went actually public for $2 billion and today is worth $1 billion. At this week’s Code Commerce conference, Blue Apron founder Matt Salzberg talked about this and […]

What People are saying About Blue Apron’s Q2 Results

Blue Apron’s stock is down 15% right now. Bloomberg on why: In its first earnings report as a public company, Blue Apron managed to beat analysts’ estimates on revenue, but that was the only good news. Having failed to raise as much as expected in its IPO, the company cut deep into the marketing budget. […]

Amazon’s Meal-Kits Are Better Than Blue Apron’s in This One Important Dimension

When we looked in detail at Amazon’s meal-kits compared to Blue Apron and HelloFresh we briefly pointed to Amazon’s own meal-kits being prepared in a more advanced manner. This is a big deal and worth pointing out separately. Business Insider on this very topic: HelloFresh and Blue Apron have their advantages. The HelloFresh meal of […]

Analysis: Amazon Fresh Meal-Kits From Amazon, in Addition to “Featured Brands”

And just like that, the first meal-kits are available at Amazon. At first, meal-kits are a part of Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is cooperating with Marley Spoon and Tyson Tastemakers to offer meal-kits in addition to offering meal-kits of its own. The latter being the news here. Business Insider: Amazon’s new meal kits are already […]

Attention, Blue Apron & HelloFresh: Amazon is Getting Into Meal-Kits

It was only a matter of time. The Sunday Times has found a trademark registration from Amazon that tells it all: The internet retailer has registered a trademark in the US for a new service called “We do the prep. You be the chef”. It will cover “prepared food kits . . . ready for […]

What Amazon-Whole Foods Means for the IPOs of Blue Apron and Delivery Hero

With Amazon-Whole Foods, Amazon will go faster into everything food-related. As we said in “Analysis: Whole Foods in an Amazon Go/Flex/Fresh World“: What Amazon is doing with Amazon Go and the Amazon Fresh Pickups is a rethinking of what local locations in a grocery value chain have to look like and what jobs they have […]

What Blue Apron’s S-1 Numbers Don’t Want to Tell Us

Blue Apron’s S-1 numbers are interesting in so far as they quite clearly don’t tell the whole story, and raise the question as to why. Bloomberg: Meal-kit delivery company Blue Apron Holdings Inc. is hoping it can stand out to public investors in an increasingly crowded marketplace for on-demand food. The company filed for an initial public […]

Blue Apron and HelloFresh Are at Subscale to Expensive, See Cooling Growth

The meal-kit model holds a lot of potential. But none of the companies in the space has yet delivered a convincing plan to get from subscale to scale. The Information (paywall): Blue Apron and HelloFresh, the two biggest startups that ship recipes and ingredients to customers, saw a sharp slowdown in growth in the second […]

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Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh: The War of 2 Meal-Kit IPOs in 2017

HelloFresh’s recent (down) round makes it clear that for HellFresh’s main investor Rocket Internet time is running out. Rocket Internet needs another hit. And yet, HelloFresh, a ‘proven winner’ in Rocket’s portfolio, is losing steam. Also, one more round and Rocket may lose the majority stake in HelloFresh if they don’t keep investing accordingly. Bloomberg […]

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Tyson Foods, Hershey’s & Campbell Soup Attack Blue Apron Et Al With Their Own Meal-Kits

Nasdaq.com on big food going into meal-kits: ​ Hershey, with startup Chef’d, in September launched dessert kits on Facebook Live, where some food-preparation videos have attracted millions of views. Tyson Foods launched kits through Amazon Fresh in September, working its chicken and beef into tacos, stews and roasts. Tyson sells a separate line of kits […]