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Hurdles For The Social Media ‘Buy Button’

The Washington Post: The rush by tech giants and retailers to join the buy-button arms race would suggest that these businesses see money-making potential. And given how much time people spend on social media — an estimated 1 of every 5 minutes spent on a mobile phone in the United States is on Facebook or […]

How Zalando Tries To Make Instagram Images Shoppable (And Mainly Fails)

The emphasis here is on ‘tries’. Let’s have a look at what challenge Zalando, which just reported spectacular numbers, is facing as explained by Marcel Daake, a mobile product manager at Zalando, on their tech blog: It became clear that our users love Instagram because it’s personal, populated with high-quality images, and puts fashion items […]

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins unbundle E-Commerce

The popular visual community Pinterest has started to bring “Buyable Pins” to shop systems Bigcommerce, Magento, IBM Commerce Websphere, Shopify and Demandware: In June, we announced Buyable Pins to let people buy things they want right from Pinterest. These made-for-mobile Pins help you drive incremental sales at no extra cost. Now, we’re excited to bring […]