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Shopify’s Buzzfeed Channel and the Massive Potential for Innovation in Shoptech

Shopify’s Buzzfeed channel, of which we talked about here, has now offically been introduced. The main points from Shopify’s introduction of the new channel: The new BuzzFeed channel allows you to easily tag your products for BuzzFeed editors to search, find, and consider featuring in its campaigns, product lists and onsite content. With its unique […]

How Buzzfeed and Shopify Push Affiliate Marketing to a New Level

Buzzfeed is one of those companies to keep an eye on. In a world increasingly dominated by platforms, in the case of online retail more specifically marketplaces, every company needs a grasp on the bandwidth of approaches to thrive with and on those platform; or beside them. And what everyone else is successfully doing. Buzzfeed […]

Buzzfeed Facebook Messenger Bot

How BuzzFeed, Time Inc. Are Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Create Gift Guides

People shop differently for gifts than they do for products one buys for oneself. Using bots for gift shopping could turn out to be fruitful. Buzzfeed, trying to bring to e-commerce what the company has learned in producing media for a platform world, has recently launched its first e-commerce bot. This bot is built around […]