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Livestreaming, Brands and Other Things Alibaba Recommends to Online Merchants

​Jack Ma talked at length about the “China opportunity” at the company’s Gateway ’17 event in Detroit​. The hour-long video of Jack Ma can be watched on YouTube: ​ Fung Global Retail & Technology has some highlights from Alibaba’s Gateway ’17 event: Livestreaming is a source of inspiration and entertainment for Chinese consumers, especially for […]

How China Became the First True Mobile-First Commerce Nation

Forbes has an overview over how China became truly mobile-first that is very much worth reading: Chinese consumers account for 1.1 billion mobile internet subscriptions, more than 2.5 times those in the U.S, the next largest market. Chinse consumers embraced the ubiquity of the mobile device, using these new gadgets to interact with brands as […]

How China Post’s Ule Is Building the World’s Largest Retail Network

“Ule“, which translated roughly as “happy post”, is an e-commerce joint venture by, mainly, the China Post. Ule is many things: It shows how China needs online retail to bring rural and urban regions together. (And to let the rural regions prosper too.) It shows what postal services can build. It may, at first, look […]


Taobao Villages: Alibaba Is Deeply Entrenched in More and More Rural Regions in China

A lot has been written over the last couple of years on how China is leapfrogging brick-and-mortar retail and has whole regions going from agriculture straight to an economy where people sell and buy stuff online. The dynamics that this rapid change brings along are fascinating. (Rapid: e-commerce can spread faster than stores could be […]

China: E-Commerce No. 2 JD Makes $71 billion in 2015

Tech in Asia: You know ecommerce is insanely huge and fully ingrained in daily life in China when the country’s second largest online store booked US$71.6 billion in purchases in the past year. That’s the figure revealed today by JD, the closest competitor to Alibaba, in its newest earnings report. Alibaba, which posted financials a […]