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Diageo and the Winner-Takes-All Aspect for Brands in Voice Commerce

Voice interactions, and with them a meaningful percentage of ‚conversational commerce‘, are going to differ from other means of discovery by one main aspect: The algorithmic answers to the users‘ questions won‘t be lists of options but, in most cases, be one result. One result. That means one spot. Either you‘re in, or you‘re out. […]

Anytime: When Amazon Is Building a WeChat-Like Messaging App

So, Amazon‘s mobile app armada is soon maybe going to get some strong-ish reinforcements. AFTV News is reporting that Amazon is working on a new stand-alone messaging app, maybe called Anytime: Amazon has begun surveying customers about a new messaging service to gauge which features are most important to users. It’s unclear how far along […]

Alibaba’s Echo-Like Speaker ‚Tmall Genie‘ and the Future Chinese Voice Market

An Echo competitor from Alibaba was rather inevitable. Now it’s here: The Tmall Genie X1. Bloomberg: Alibaba’s “Tmall Genie X1” will go for 499 yuan ($73) to the first 1,000 people during a one-month trial, coming in below Apple’s $349 HomePod and the roughly $180 Echo. Its biggest competitor, Tencent Holdings Ltd., is developing a […]

Forget Today’s Echo Look, Think Instead About Amazon Fashion in Voice-First in 10 Years

The newest Echo device from Amazon, the Echo Look, is a weird one at first look. But it hints at the range of services voice commerce will enable in the (near) future. Here’s Recode on the new Echo Look: The new version of the popular Echo — this one is being dubbed the Echo Look […]

Here’s How Facebook Wants to Improve Discoverability for E-Commerce on Messenger

Almost one year in, Facebook’s Messenger bot platform is still looking to find its groove. The Information (paywall) has exclusive information on what Facebook is working on for the next iteration, which will most likely ship or at least be announced around April’s f8 developer conference: After two years of trying to figure out ways […]

At Least 27 Shopping Bots in the Wild, Germany based chatShopper a User Favorite

Conversational commerce, in text as in voice, remains a (growing but small) niche for now. There is a lot of potential, but also a lot of road to cover still. The Information (paywall) is looking back on a year of bot frenzy and disillusionment. Facebook, Amazon and Google are all lacking on the distribution side […]

Buzzfeed Facebook Messenger Bot

How BuzzFeed, Time Inc. Are Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Create Gift Guides

People shop differently for gifts than they do for products one buys for oneself. Using bots for gift shopping could turn out to be fruitful. Buzzfeed, trying to bring to e-commerce what the company has learned in producing media for a platform world, has recently launched its first e-commerce bot. This bot is built around […]

Amazon Echo

What Would Alexa Do?

High praise from Tim O’Reilly, amongst other things inventor of the term “Web 2.0”: Every once in a while, a product comes along that changes everyone’s expectations of what’s possible in user interfaces. The Mac. The World Wide Web. The iPhone. Alexa belongs in that elite group of game changers. He goes on to talk about […]

Jeff Bezos Interview at WaPo

Why Amazon Echo and Alexa Don’t Need to Fear Google Home and an Apple Siri SDK

In his Washington Post interview, which we referenced yesterday already, Jeff Bezos also talked about Echo and the Alexa platform behind Echo. The work on Echo started about four years ago, he tells the audience, and there are working “probably more than a thousand people” on it. Here is what he had to say on […]

Zalon Messenger and the Question about Dedicated Apps in Conversational Commerce

Zalando has launched Zalon Messenger for its curated shopping / styling service Zalon (German, Google Translate). Zalon already uses WhatsApp to let customers and stylists converse. In “What Online Retailers can Learn From Quartz’s First News App” I wrote: Most of what Quartz built for its app can easily be ported to, say, a chat […]