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From Drones to Subterranean Delivery: What Amazon’s Fantastical Patents Really Mean

An unusually high amount of patents by Amazon have made headlines over the last few weeks. What’s behind them? First, here’s a summary of some of the recent patents. ‘Flying Warehouses’ & Drones The flying warehouses, zeppelins from which drones are meant to be dispatched, brought in the most headlines. ​Readwrite: An Amazon patent, found […]

Amazon Plans to Start Drone Deliveries Within 5 Years “Somewhere in the World”

Last mile deliveries via drones will come sooner than most of us suspect. Until a little while ago, I suspected drone deliveries will only become a reality far into the future (10+ years). But recently a few new developments changed this perspective. First, never underestimate the accelerating progress of technology. Second, the technology is, as […]