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Here’s How Facebook Wants to Improve Discoverability for E-Commerce on Messenger

Almost one year in, Facebook’s Messenger bot platform is still looking to find its groove. The Information (paywall) has exclusive information on what Facebook is working on for the next iteration, which will most likely ship or at least be announced around April’s f8 developer conference: After two years of trying to figure out ways […]

Why Everyone From Facebook to Google Wants to Be a Marketplace

There is trend in e-commerce towards marketplaces. This trend makes sense: large online retailers like Amazon and Zalando can leverage their relationship with end consumers to open up and widen their businesses by turning on marketplaces on top. In every large e-commerce market a marketplace dominates: USA: Amazon Marketplace, China: Alibaba, Japan: Rakuten. The enticement […]

Spring's personal shopping assistant on Messenger

The bad User Interface of Today’s Facebook Shopping Bots

When Facebook launched the bot platform on top of Messenger we had a look at the Spring shopping bot and were not impressed. Buzzfeed went further and the verdict is not good: It just so happens I need a new pair of gym sneakers, so this seemed perfect for me to try out. Little did […]

Spring's personal shopping assistant on Messenger

First Bots on Facebook Messenger are Like First “Social Shopping” Pages on Facebook

At the company’s yearly developer conference f8, Facebook announced the new bot platform on top of Messenger, which is now used by 900 million people on a monthly basis. More on the new APIs at Facebooks developer blog: Send/Receive API. This new capability includes the ability to send and receive text, images, and rich bubbles […]

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix And Google Have More In Common Than Just Being Growth Stocks

We talked recently about Ben Thompson’s Aggregation Theory framework and how it helps to bring context to the positioning and strategy of Zalando. Following up on his original take and on a term coined by CNBC host and former hedge fund manager Jim Kramer, Ben Thompson delved deeper into how similar the companies behind Kramer’s […]

Facebook’s Shopping Feed Is a Mess

Facebook’s dedicated shopping feed is available to a small group of users; it is still in an early experimental state. And rightly so. TechCrunch is reporting on the mess that is the current incarnation of the shopping feed at Facebook: Random is the right way to describe Facebook’s attempted invasion of Amazon’s turf. With skimpy […]

Facebook Is Experimenting With A Dedicated Shopping Feed

Facebook is testing a shopping feed with products highlighted by retailers that matches likes and connections of the users. It is not surprising that Facebook is experimenting with breaking out the newsfeed into subcategories. This shopping feed is part of a larger initiative as Facebook is also testing a dedicated video feed. We will have […]