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Amazon’s Increasing TV Ambitions

In fashion we can see right now quite clearly the broadening of options available to online retailers. Zalando is launching multiple mobile apps as “speed boats”. The latest one was Fleek, combining social aspects and a platform / marketplace approach. At the same time Amazon has launched Style Code Live. A new daily (“Weeknights 9 […]

Apple TV vs. Fire TV: The Next Platform Battle

Apple debuts a new “shopping” category on the app store for iPhone and iPad as reported by TechCrunch: Apple today is debuting a new category to its App Store that will help consumers better locate mobile shopping applications. The “Shopping” category will be available worldwide, and will feature apps that span across omni-channel, auctions, price comparison, […]

‘QVC 2.0’ and beyond: Why Fire TV is Amazon’s most important device

All devices by Amazon are as we say in the end essentially their aquivalent to stores: [T]he Fire tablets, the Fire TV, the dash buttons, the Echo, all these are the future of business for Amazon. Not because there is much money in selling them directly but because they are the first building steps of […]

Amazon doubling down on hardware, talks about it endlessly in earnings release

I can’t stress enough how important their own devices are to Amazon’s future strategies and thus to Amazon itself. And apparently neither can Amazon. Business Insider Australia points out how much Amazon is talking about its hardware in its recent earnings release: Amazon isn’t showing any signs of slowing down its hardware ambitions. In fact, […]