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JD.com Shows Off First Fully Automated Warehouse

Thanks to its large logistics operation, JD.com is at the forefront when it comes to automation, wether it be drones or robotic warehouses. JD.com simply has a lot to gain, cost and efficiency wise. Now, JD.com, which is suffering high logistics costs, is presenting the first fully automated warehouse. Tech in Asia: The brand-new facility, […]

What Alibaba, JD, China Post See in Turning Small Stores Into Franchise Touch Points

Speaking of Chinese online retail, here‘s China Money Network on Alibaba‘s plan to transform China’s mom-and-pop stores: The retail giant has now unveiled an even more ambitious plan to transform 10,000 mom-and-pop convenience stores across China into a vast network of Tmall.com brick-and-mortar outlets, where consumers can shop, pick up packages, make orders online or […]

Alibaba Won Against JD.com & Now Leads a $1.1b Round in Indonesia’s Tokopedia

And another one on the Alibaba vs. JD.com front. As we expected, Alibaba won against JD.com in their fight about which of the two fierce Chinese competitors will be investing in Tokopedia. TechCrunch: A valuation for the deal was not announced, but the companies did say that Alibaba has become a minority shareholder. […] The […]

Alibaba (+56%) Grew Faster Than JD.com (+44%), and Has Better Gross Margins

Compare JD.com‘s Q2 numbers to Alibaba‘s. Alibaba‘s revenues jumped 56 percent to 50.1 billion yuan ($7.51 billion) (with profits nearly doubling). Meanwhile, JD.com had in Q2 2017 revenues grow 44% year-over-year (YoY) to 93.2 billion yuan ($13.7 billion). The Street on the differences between Alibaba and JD.com: [Alibaba] reported 56% year-over-year growth in revenue to […]

JD.com Grows Orders by 41% and Customers by 37%, Fulfillment Costs Rise by 39% YoY in Q2

The highlights from JD.com‘s Q2 2017 numbers: Orders rose by +41% YoY Customer accounts increased to 258.3 million (+37% YoY) Mobile orders now make up 80%, an increase of +42% YoY More at China Internet Watch: JD’s GMV for Q2 2017 increased by 46% to 234.8 billion yuan (US$34.6 billion) from 160.4 billion yuan in […]

Why JD.com Needs Those Cooperations With Baidu, WeChat & Toutiao

Baidu is the latest company JD.com is cooperating with on mobile. Bloomberg: Under the arrangement, users browsing for product information on Baidu’s mobile search app can now access a dedicated section to buy items directly from JD, China’s second-largest e-commerce provider. By encouraging users to stay within its app and make purchases, the search giant […]

Alibaba and JD.com Are Bidding Against Each Other to Invest in Indonesia’s Tokopedia

Wonder who would leak to Bloomberg that both JD.com and Alibaba want to invest in Tokopedia. It is almost like Tokopedia is trying to get the most out of it. Bloomberg on Alibaba wanting to invest in Tokopedia: The Chinese company is in negotiations to lead a funding round in Indonesia’s largest online marketplace of […]