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Why Zalando Changed Course and Is Going From Multi-app to Single-app on Mobile

With Zalando Build, Zalando is working on building services right into the main app in a platform fashion. When we broke the news about Zalando Build, we asked ourselves what this new strategy means for Zalando’s mobile app strategy: All this, of course, raises serious questions about the future of Zalando’s other stand-alone apps, most importantly […]

Zalando Vizions

How Zalando Is Transforming Its Main App Into a True Platform With “Zalando Build”

At Vizions, Zalando’s conference on the topic of platforms (see photo above), we talked with Marc Lamik, Head of Product for Innovation & Partnerships at Zalando, about Zalando’s next platform initiative. This week, Zalando is unveiling the company’s next platform move; and this one’s going right into the heart of the business. (Mobile order share […]

How Zalando Uses Mobile Notifications

Over the course of 2016 I followed Zalando’s mobile apps closely and took screenshots of the mobile notifications I got from Zalando’s mobile apps – from Zalando’s main app to Zipkart, MOVMNT and, most interesting of all, Fleek-. Why this is important: With a mobile traffic share of 67% and mobile order share of >50%, […]

Zalando’s Movmnt Gets iPhone App and Website, but the Latter Without Shopping Cart

Zalando’s mobile outlet marketplace Movmnt launched on Android and is for a few days now also available on iPhone (staying on course with the schedule communicated at the Capital Markets Day).. ..and on the web: As a new twist, products can’t (yet?) be bought on the web. For that, customers have to go to one […]

Zalando Signals Coming Marketing Spending Increase, Most Likely to Push Fleek & Movmnt

Bloomberg reporting on Zalando’s plans for the immediate future: Zalando SE, the German online apparel retailer, signaled it may accelerate spending on marketing and technology in coming months, putting profit targets under pressure. (…) Margins have narrowed and capital spending this year will increase to 200 million euros ($226 million), or about 5 percent of […]

Capital Markets Day ’16: Zalando’s Strategy Behind Movmnt

For the first time Zalando talked about the strategy behind Movmnt (PDF), the mobile outlet aggregation app, (semi-publicly) at the company’s capital market day. Right now, Movmnt is still very much in the early stages: Movmnt is one of the five customer facing pillars in Zalando’s overall portfolio. In 2015 Movmnt launched in Germany and […]