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How Walmart Can Win Against Amazon

Distribution is everything. Walmart is determined to give Amazon a run for its money. Thus Walmart, since last summer, has begun spending a lot of money itself. (See list of acquisitions at the end of the article) Going against Amazon with its unique Prime bundle and successful Marketplace begs the question though how exactly to […]

Now Is the Time for Online Retailers to Follow Asos, Boohoo & Tesco in Utilizing Pinterest

2 billion searches per month on Pinterest just became something online retailers can tap into. Pinterest introduced search ads with keyword and shopping campaigns this week. Marketingland: Pinterest introduced its anticipated Search Ads product on Wednesday. Search ads will open up ad inventory across the more than two billion searches that the company says happen […]

Why Everyone From Facebook to Google Wants to Be a Marketplace

There is trend in e-commerce towards marketplaces. This trend makes sense: large online retailers like Amazon and Zalando can leverage their relationship with end consumers to open up and widen their businesses by turning on marketplaces on top. In every large e-commerce market a marketplace dominates: USA: Amazon Marketplace, China: Alibaba, Japan: Rakuten. The enticement […]

How Zalando Tries To Make Instagram Images Shoppable (And Mainly Fails)

The emphasis here is on ‘tries’. Let’s have a look at what challenge Zalando, which just reported spectacular numbers, is facing as explained by Marcel Daake, a mobile product manager at Zalando, on their tech blog: It became clear that our users love Instagram because it’s personal, populated with high-quality images, and puts fashion items […]

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins unbundle E-Commerce

The popular visual community Pinterest has started to bring “Buyable Pins” to shop systems Bigcommerce, Magento, IBM Commerce Websphere, Shopify and Demandware: In June, we announced Buyable Pins to let people buy things they want right from Pinterest. These made-for-mobile Pins help you drive incremental sales at no extra cost. Now, we’re excited to bring […]