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How Wayfair Selling the Same for Different Prices Elsewhere Points to a Future Struggle in Private Labels

It appears that Wayfair is selling the same item on several online shops, its own and others -among them also Amazon- for different prices. Outstanding piece of reporting by Quartz: After analyzing a random selection of items on Wayfair, Quartz discovered that the company often lists what appear to be identical products with different prices […]

Amazon’s Secret Brands and the Marketplace Conundrum

One problematic aspect with the Amazon Marketplace is Amazon‘s vertical integration as a retailer and seller of private labels. The Amazon Marketplace is as big as it is today because Amazon, the retailer, already was popular. In fact, marketplaces have a far better chance of succeeding if they are attached to an already successful e-commerce […]

Amazon’s Private Labels Are Fueled by Amazon’s Rich Market Data, Workout Clothes Edition

It is Amazon’s market data, gathered through the whole of its business, marketplace and traditional e-commerce, that gives Amazon an increasingly better shot at establishing its own private labels. The better the glimpse into a market, the better the company can design products for that market. (And private labels have higher margins for merchants, obviously.) […]

Amazon Goes Nuts With its Private-Label Foods

GeekWire on Amazon’s new private labels for food: Amazon is now selling nuts and trail mix under the Happy Belly brand, its private label for perishables. The e-commerce giant began rolling out private-label food products in June, starting with Happy Belly coffee and Mama Bear baby food. The newly added Happy Belly products include whole nuts, assortments, and several types of trail mix. _Wall […]