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Snapdeal Shows What Walmart Should Have Done With ShippingPass

Yesterday, we saw how Walmart, in killing ShippingPass without introducing a substitute, doesn’t really seem to grasp the challenge that Amazon Prime represents to the retailer’s online strategy. Looking at India, we can see how this might have gone differently with little to no effort for Walmart today. See, for example, Snapdeal Gold. Here’s a […]

Walmart Still Doesn’t Understand Amazon Prime, Kills ShippingPass Without Substitute

This is remarkable. Walmart just killed ShippingPass. And instead of replacing it with a true customer loyalty program to counter Amazon Prime the company is just making two-day shipping free of additional fees. It is the exact wrong move to make in the face of the threat called Amazon Prime. Recode: The world’s largest brick-and-mortar […]

U.S. Launch: How Will Walmart ShippingPass Fare in the Next 30 Days?

The Wall Street Journal (paywall): On Wednesday the retailer said it would open its free two-day shipping program to any U.S. customer, an expansion of the $49 per-year service designed to grab shoppers from Amazon’s popular $99 a year Prime program. Until now Wal-Mart allowed only a limited and undisclosed number of shoppers to sign […]

Wal-Mart ShippingPass

ShippingPass: Does Walmart Stand a Chance with Two-Day Shipping against Amazon Prime?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on Wal-Mart building up an infrastructure to compete directly with fast delivery via Amazon Prime: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is testing a two-day shipping subscription service and building a regional delivery network, in the boldest attempt yet by a major traditional retailer to compete head-on with Amazon Prime. As part […]