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Amazon vs. Alibaba

Amazon: 3 Million Packages a Day, Alibaba: 12 Million Packages a Day

One aspect of Alibaba’s awe-inspiring scale is how easily it can be underestimated. Because Alibaba is still mainly a Chinese company operating ‘just’ in the Chinese market, one can be forgiven to assume the more internationally operating Amazon might be at least as big as Alibaba. (Hence, the underestimation of Alibaba is a function of […]

These Are the 15 Startups from Shoptalk 2017

A large international e-commerce conference such as Shoptalk is not just an opportunity for big (online) retailers and investors to showcase their strategies and initiatives. It is also a great way for startups to (hopefully) break through in the industry. The following list of startups that pitched at Shoptalk’s Pitch Contest is a textbook example […]

Amazon Flex and More Highlights from #Shoptalk17

Lionel Richie and Amazon’s Prime Now boss Stephenie Landry opened on Sunday evening the second Shoptalk conference which we will be covering this week. Prime Now is now, almost two years after launch, available in 45 cities in seven countries. Even in Tokio. Amazon Uber-like delivery service Amazon Flex has to be understood as spin-off, […]

Naspers and the Perspective of Global E-Commerce Investors

This week, we will be focusing on coverage from the Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas. The Global track was one of the highlights of the first day – with insights from, amongst others, Magazine Luiza from Brazil and Flipkart from India. The investors panel with Oliver Rippel, at Naspers CEO for B2C, and Hans Tung […]