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How Spring Puts All Its Hope in Personalization

Digiday on the new version of mobile shopping app Spring: The new app uses consumer data to identify recommended products by analyzing browsing history and personal preferences, such as size, style and price point. It also includes editorial content tailored to each individual user to help with product discovery, with recent features focused on topics […]

Spring Gets $65 Million for Fashion Shopping on iPhone (and iMessage)

As online retail moves from the desktop Internet to mobile, the time for mobile pure players is coming. Spring just got a $65 million investment, led by mutual fund Fidelity: Fidelity Investments has led a $65 million investment in Spring, a three-year-old e-commerce startup that sells clothes from 2,000 clothing brands through its mobile app […]

Spring's personal shopping assistant on Messenger

The bad User Interface of Today’s Facebook Shopping Bots

When Facebook launched the bot platform on top of Messenger we had a look at the Spring shopping bot and were not impressed. Buzzfeed went further and the verdict is not good: It just so happens I need a new pair of gym sneakers, so this seemed perfect for me to try out. Little did […]