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Taobao Villages: Alibaba Is Deeply Entrenched in More and More Rural Regions in China

A lot has been written over the last couple of years on how China is leapfrogging brick-and-mortar retail and has whole regions going from agriculture straight to an economy where people sell and buy stuff online. The dynamics that this rapid change brings along are fascinating. (Rapid: e-commerce can spread faster than stores could be […]


How Alibaba Fights Counterfeits With Big Data From Online to Offline

Alibaba, due to the massive scale of Taobao and some specific characteristics of the Chinese market, has a larger counterfeit problem than eBay and Amazon have. Though of course all large marketplaces have that problem and need to fight it, or else they lose brands and the trust of consumers. Recently, in an effort to […]

How Alibaba’s Taobao Goes Social Shopping

Facebook and Twitter both have tried more than once to bring ecommerce capabilities to their networks. Neither has succeeded yet. Bloomberg is reporting now on how Alibaba is going the opposite direction. The Chinese online retail giant is bringing social and media features to its mobile marketplace Taobao, and, it seems, successfully so: Alibaba’s Taobao […]

What Alibaba Does Differently in Mobile Than Amazon

At the company’s first investor relations day since its IPO, Alibaba talked at length about the mobile Taobao app (PDF) and what the online retail giant is doing in mobile. I already remarked that the mobile numbers from Taobao are insane. Alibaba’s Mobile Taobao is a juggernaut: This is the result of a mobile only […]